Emerald coast

The coast north of the port of Veracruz offers beaches with abundant vegetation. With its emerald green waters along the Gulf of Mexico. The surf is perfect for swimming or diving, with its more than 800 hectares of green mangroves

Just by visiting Veracruz you are guaranteed to try delicious dishes, and the Costa Smeralda will be no exception. Throughout the entire Emerald Coast you can enjoy dishes prepared with ingredients from the sea. Pickled fish, octopus in its ink, white rice, shrimp empanadas, fried fish ... typical dishes that will make you want to stay forever. Three regional dishes deserve special mention: the chilpachole spicy crab broth seasoned with epazote and pepper, the Huachinango a la Veracruzana fish prepared in tomato sauce, chili and olive oil and the zacahuil tamale made from pork meat and wrapped in leaf banana will leave you amazed.