Tulancingo is assigned various meanings "the little Tollán", "behind the Tule" or the "end of the Tules".

Tulancingo is located in a fertile valley with a mild climate, which has always attracted the inhabitants of the colony. It was also known as the Kingdom of Ancient Conquerors. Don Nicolás Bravo lived here and founded a newspaper and other companies; In his honor, the city has been named after him since April 17, 1858.

Today, Tulancingo has as its emblem the huge satellite dishes of the Satellite Earth Telecommunication Station, the only part of the country and with which it integrated Satellite Technology. Its construction in 1968, served as a prelude to the active and attractive city that is registering a notable change in terms of urban planning. It has been endowed with modern residential areas and wide avenues and ridges, as well as facilities for education and popular entertainment.

It is a municipality with an extraordinary gastronomic wealth, with typical dishes that satisfy the palates of visitors and tourists.

The typical dish of Tulancingo is turkey, which is why Tulancinguenses are proud to have this true delicacy.

Tradition and origin: On the night of December 24, some engineers who were working on the electrification of the city, went out to look for something to have dinner after finishing their work. Walking through the streets, they happened upon a lady's business; As it was already night, the owner did not have much to offer them and decided to prepare something similar to a cake with the few ingredients she had. The engineers tried and liked it a lot and made the comment that since they had not had Christmas dinner, for them this was their turkey or their "turkey". Thus, this rich Tulancinguense snack got its name.

The turkey is a cake filled with enchiladas with beans, the traditional one is made with egg or chicken; and currently it is also prepared with roast meat, sausage, milanesa, ham, and a wide variety of ingredients to the taste of the diner.

Currently in Tulancingo there are famous traditional kitchens and various establishments with affordable prices, so that visitors can taste this exquisite dish.

Other dishes that are consumed are mole from the Community of Santa Ana Hueytlalpan, original cheeses such as tenate, manchego and botanero, barbecue, tulancingueñas, molotes, (corn fries stuffed with potatoes, beans or meat), chilaquiles of amaranth and tlacoyos stuffed with lodge. There are also stews that have been given their special touch, such as tray enchiladas that are not served folded, but spread; Eskites that can be boiled or fried.

You cannot miss the traditional Tulancingo bread; bicycles and donkeys, which even outside the region are known as “Tulancingo bicycles and donkeys”.

For this gastronomic wealth in 2017 and at the call of the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Hidalgo, he participated and obtained the distinctive "Villages with Flavor" distinctive that recognizes the localities that are distinguished for preserving and promoting traditional gastronomy.