Tlalpujahua, like Angangueo, is a mining town with a history of more than two centuries. The Parish of San Pedro and San Pablo will welcome you, while the Dos Estrellas mine will invite you to a different experience. You can not leave without visiting a workshop of blown glass spheres, not for nothing Tlalpujahua is known as the place of eternal Christmas.

Tlalpujahua and Angangueo are the two Mining Magical Towns of Michoacán. Both towns share stories of wealth and loss, giving way today to new stories of Christmas illusion and of nearby forests full of monarch butterflies.

Tlalpujahua is a small town with a mining past, clinging to a hill, survivor of tragedies and heir to the most beautiful Christmas tradition. At the top, the impressive image of the Parish of San Pedro and San Pablo contrasts in its baroque splendor with the sobriety of San Francisco, the first convent of the town, in its lower part. In between, a succession of cobbled streets, picturesque portals, sunny squares, and flower-covered facades.

Tlalpujahua's mining past is intuited in the details. On the tin roofs of so many houses - that's how the workers were paid. In the small chapels where the miners entrusted themselves to the Virgin to ask for protection. And, above all, in the infamous esplanade where the Torre del Carmen remains as the only vestige of the enormous catastrophe that caused thousands of deaths in 1937 and ended mining in the region. The Two Star Mine awaits you to tell you many stories about the miners and fabulous anecdotes. You will be able to know how they worked and take a trip back in time entering the mine tunnel. This visit will connect you with the past and the magic of this town.

The Magical Town of Tlalpujahua is today known throughout Mexico for the production of Christmas balls. Every fall, thousands of people flock to the Sphere Fair to purchase handmade Christmas decorations at hundreds of workshops. An excellent occasion to see artists in glass blowing or sphere decoration.

And you can't leave without trying the delicious sweets, preserves and traditional herbal liqueurs. Cheers in every drink!