Tildada of being the funniest city in the northwest. Packed with cultural activities, and the opportunity to visit two countries in one trip along its border with California. Tijuana, being a city with such a varied offer, it is not surprising that the Romance Segment finds in it a great ally for different occasions. Celebrate in a big way that special moment that has come into your life, deserves a special place, and that place is Tijuana, where the homeland begins!

A fabulous city, a point of convergence for all kinds of people from many cultures. Applauded for its wide gastronomic and beer offer. Tildada of being the funniest city in the northwest. Packed with cultural activities, and the opportunity to visit two countries in one trip along its border with California.

What you should know:

  • - Direct air connection to the 32 states of the country and international destinations.
  • - The busiest border in the world.
  • - Craft beer capital in Latin America.
  • - More than 80 Foodtrucks and gastronomic patios.
  • - The best tacos in the world are prepared here.

Tijuana: "The Coolest City" in Baja California. This is recognized by the regional, national and foreign that access it in a simple way, usually crossing the border with the city of San Diego (on foot or by car) or arriving by plane at its international airport, which is recognized as one of the most modern and important in the country, thus making Tijuana the most visited border city in the world.

A city of young, innovative and unexpected nature; Three words that, although they do not cover or fully describe what Tijuana is, give us an idea of ​​the recurrences that you will encounter when visiting it. Today it is experiencing a gastronomic, cultural and artistic boom that has positioned it as one of the best cities to visit with family, couples or friends.

The Cesar Salad, a proudly Tijuana creation, is one of the most famous salads in the world, practically in any restaurant on the globe you can find a version of it, for being fresh, with intense flavors and pleasant texture, few refuse to enjoy it. For years the experience of the Cesar Salad from Tijuana has enchanted diners of all ages, and corners of the world, which is why you can not stop trying the original version in the Caesar ́s restaurant on Avenida Revolución, in the historic center from Tijuana, which is prepared by the master salad bowl at your own table, quite a show! The Caesar's restaurant has an air from another time, from the prosperity of Tijuana in times of the prohibition of alcohol in the USA. Time in which celebrities, political leaders, and historical figures, who easily crossed into this city from across the border, gathered for lunch or dinner in this iconic venue.

Tijuana's gastronomy is a clear reflection of its multiculturalism, an almost natural tendency in large cities. It is not a secret that the great success that some renowned Tijuana chefs such as Miguel Ángel Guerrero (Grupo Baja Med) and Javier Plasencia (Grupo Plasencia) is that they have generated a creative process in their food based on the purest essence of cuisine from Mexico combining its aromas, flavors, techniques and colors, with the benefits of Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines as a complement, free, without formal limits; They have been invented and reinvented throughout their prominent careers, creating in their kitchens a hotbed of talent that today, many of them are recognized as rising stars in the country's culinary scene. Today there are more and more chefs who choose Tijuana to start their careers, nurture themselves and undertake in the world of restaurants, adding to all of the above the adjoining San Diego, further enriching the opportunities to learn many techniques at the same time and in the same region. Eating breakfast, lunch or dinner in the restaurants of Tijuana is a gastronomic experience out of this world, names like Georgina, Oryx Capital, Misión 19, Los Compas,

La Querencia, 52 Kool, to name a few, must be included in your bucket list of the restaurants you have to try, culinary proposals that will make you want to stay, or return very soon.

Dozens of restaurants, food trucks, gastronomic patios, and street stalls will make a stay in Tijuana not enough. If you are a foodie, we anticipate that you will have "a love at first bite", this is basically an urban gastronomic eden on the border. From the "various tacos", the cakes of chilaquiles with roast beef, the border version of the hamburgers and sliders, with guacamole and grilled chambray onion, croquettes stuffed with cheese with birria, and more eloquence that you will find in Tijuana de today.

In the last decade, the production of craft beer in Baja California has transformed from a hobby for Tijuana residents to a growing industry, with more and more tasting rooms and breweries where you can not only see how the production of this drink, if not you can also do a complete tasting of the styles that Tijuana and its breweries offers you. The national and world recognition for the quality and quantity of beer produced in Baja California, does not leave out this vibrant city, which has been the great influence and benchmark of excellence for the production of this refreshing ferment, whether in its passages in the avenue revolution, in the Rio and downtown area, mainly, there will always be a brewery near you.

The fact that Tijuana stands out from other beer cities is mainly attributed to two factors: the talent of Baja California brewers and the geographical location (next to the city of San Diego, California). The first factor is crucial to be able to generate a product that appeals to the palate of those who like good beer, due to its technical and sensorial qualities; and the second factor is strategic for obtaining inputs, knowledge of the process and technologies, since San Diego is recognized as a power in the elaboration of this effervescent concoction.

Tijuana is also the gateway to the coastal area of ​​the state, perfect place to start or end your trip to the Baja California wine route, the visit to the attractions of adventure, nature, culture, and Romance. You can do it by visiting the traditional bars and canteens, with the reputation of being the most fun experiences that many have had the pleasure of living. Same perception that transcends over the years, and outside the borders of our country. These and more experiences reinforce the concept that Tijuana is a "relaxed city", without pretensions.

If what you want is to party, Tijuana is for you! With an endless number of nightclubs, bars, canteens, speakeasies, and restaurant bars, you can have for the days that you decide, dance nights, good food and drink, and lots of fun in the purest style of this city. From the city center, passing through the Cacho neighborhood, Hipódromo, to Otay, you will always have one more place to come and enjoy. with the perfect dinner for those who are awake.

This city is home, cultural centers and show venues that makes it one of the most important venues for events and meetings in the country, hosting concerts, congresses, festivals (cultural and gastronomic), fairs, among other events.

Baja California is a state with a unique artistic and cultural identity. You can learn about their culture and nomadic groups through history museums, such as the Museo de las Californias in Centro Cultural Tijuana, one of the most important cultural venues in northwestern Mexico where art exhibitions and national and foreign plays are presented. Cultural festivals are also held with a large influx of attendees from different parts of the country.

It is not surprising that the border situation in Tijuana makes it the entry and exit door for supplies to and from its neighbors in the United States; and to the west, the sea is connected to the Pacific basin with inputs that come from the Eurasian continent, this makes it a highly attractive destination for investment in the maquiladora, biomedical, aerospace electronics industry and many more; This has made it home to world-renowned companies since the 60s.

Obedient to these activities Tijuana also has the infrastructure for medium and large-scale meetings, congresses, conventions, work meetings, and other activities that derive from binational economic activity and that today also positions them in the focus of nationals, to the Business and Meetings Tourism segment. A few minutes from the border, you find the most important venue in the northwest of the country: the Baja California Center, where you can host events for up to 11,000 people. Between Tijuana (and Rosarito) you can find accommodation that suits many budgets and needs, from the most luxurious to the most executive. The perfect place for incentives, competitiveness development and business closure.

Tijuana, being a city with such a varied offer, it is not surprising that the Romance Segment finds in it a great ally for different occasions. Celebrate in a big way that special moment that has come into your life, deserves a special place, and that place is Tijuana, where the homeland begins! Getting married in northern Mexico is having the possibility of having a wedding as original as your mind imagines, being a very young city (barely 129 years old) and receiving thousands of migrants from all over the country, has made this city eclectic, hipster, cool, cool. It is not for nothing that the American newspaper The New York Times included it in its list of recommendations as places to be visited and placed it in the honorable position number 8. Go with them and marry Tijuana-style!

Who does not like to feel loved? A romantic dinner is the perfect excuse to nurture your relationship and remind your partner of how happy he makes you. As Tijuana is in the midst of a gastronomic boom, the city is a paradise for lovers of good food and good wine, those adventurers who want to get out of the conventional and are willing to discover new aromas, textures, flavors and even ingredients. The culinary options are endless as are the tastes, we invite you to explore the world of possibilities that Tijuana offers in restaurants and do not always forget to notify the manager that it is a romantic dinner, we are sure that you can surprise them with details such as flowers, candles or other elements that give it that touch to celebrate love.

Life as a couple is full of emotions, it can be like a roller coaster, where feelings are a thousand an hour. Therefore, for any advertisement you want to make to your partner, Tijuana is the ideal destination. It is always good to have a Romantic Getaway. Do you want to propose to her, perhaps ask her to live together, or are they about to celebrate an anniversary? Is the intensity of your relationship increasing and do you just want to be alone? The world's most visited border city is ready to welcome you and make that romantic getaway a special trip. Remember that the trip must be at the service of love, so it is important that both put themselves in mood love and try to build their story by taking photographs, making videos, buying souvenirs, all those shared moments that will be anecdotes to remember fondly. in the future. If you and your partner are foodies, Tijuana is the ideal destination, Baja Med cuisine was born here. If you like culture, this city has classic cultural venues such as CECUT. If, on the other hand, they like urban art or better get lost in the city and discover those corners that only exist in Tijuana and new proposals, there is Pasaje Rodríguez or Pasaje Revolución on the famous avenue with the same name, or how about seeing a sunset next to the metal fence that divides Mexico and the United States and that is lost in the sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean.

Yesterday was the wedding, their special day, and the next day they will dawn as wife and husband; the wedding was amazing, their marriage story will only begin. That is the meaning of the tornabodas, a very extension of the wedding celebration that takes place with your closest, most beloved guests. Generally, when the wedding takes place in a state outside the bride and groom's official residence, a gesture of thanks to their guests who traveled to Tijuana from their cities of origin is to have a tornaboda where, in a more intimate, relaxed and somewhat informal, they can share anecdotes from the previous day. To have a very northern tornaboda, you can not miss the typical roast meat with the best craft beer, or a good ceviche, the culinary options that the city offers are endless, you will have the last word.

Two nations in one visit: It is possible and in a very simple way to visit both Tijuana and San Diego in the same trip, whether you are flying from the rest of the country to the Tijuana airport, or from the United States flying to the San Diego airport. or by car and crossing one of its border sentry boxes; The CBX is a closed pedestrian airlift exclusively for Tijuana Airport passengers crossing the border between the US. USA and Mexico as part of their journey. Get to know it and enjoy connectivity in the city; Discover why San Diego and Tijuana are sister cities, and not only because of the geographical proximity, but also because of the roots and cultural exchange between the two nations that this derives.

These connectivity conditions make Tijuana attractive for those who decide to visit motivated by the offer of the already consolidated Health and Wellness Tourism in Baja California. The service offer ranges from receiving quality medical services such as specialized treatments and diagnoses, follow-up and monitoring consultations, to aesthetic and wellness treatments, the talent of the doctors and the equipment available in this destination already tells us about a national power of Tourism of Health and Well-being in Mexico.

Where fusion and diversity also reach the culinary world.

Without a doubt, our creations, Bajamed Cuisine, a gastronomic trend recognized internationally for the fusion of three cuisines, in addition to their products and techniques: Mexican, Oriental and Mediterranean; The Caesar Salad, you must not fail to delight in the different restaurants that have collaborated in the creation of what is considered the original cuisine of Baja California and that was born in our city.

Likewise, you cannot miss the culinary wealth, we are one of the cities in the country, with the greatest gastronomic diversity.

From the rich Argentine cuisine with its juicy cuts, to the most delicious seafood; You can taste flavors of Brazil, Spain with the delicious paella, Italy with its pasta, or if you prefer, delicious vegetarian food.

This city pleases the most demanding palate, from traditional Mexican, Japanese, French cuisine, among others. All of this accompanied of course with the best Baja California wine.