Pueblo Mágico, the tourist jewel of the state of Morelos. Like a jewel set in the foothills of the Chihinautzin Biological Corridor, where the Tepozteco hill dominates the valley in which a rich combination of attractions, products and tourist services give it a cosmopolitan air, Tepoztlán is pure magic. Oral tradition dictates that the town of Amatlán saw the birth of Ce Ácatl Topiltzin Quetzalcóatl, the warrior prince, the one who defeated the serpent of Xochicalco and became lord of all this land. Over the centuries, a shrine for the god was built on top of the sacred hillOmetochli, lord of pulque and fertility. In the XNUMXth century, Friar Domingo de la Anunciación led the Dominican friars who not only achieved the king's conversion Tepuztécatlto the Christian faith, but they also founded the ex-convent of Our Lady of the Nativity, today Cultural Heritage of Humanity, UNESCO. Over the centuries, religious syncretism took root in this beautiful valley, so that various festivals that show Tepoztec identity, unique and unrepeatable: Los Tiznados, The Carnival, The Birth of Quetzalcótal, the Challenge to Tepozteco, to name a few. Tepoztecan gastronomy is a melting pot of options in which the products of the land, traditional cuisine and the most avant-garde proposals are combined, since a robust offer has been installed in this Magical Town that ranges from the delights of the municipal market to the more exclusive establishments.

Tepoztlán has a wide variety of lodging offers, from family inns to prestigious hotels with the seal Treasures of Mexico. Other strongly developed segments in Tepoztlán are the Well-being, or Wellness, in which the knowledge of natural medicine practiced by the ancient Tepoztecos, represented by thetemazcalor sacred bath, with currents and techniques from different parts of the world and certified professionals, in the most equipped spas. Likewise, Romance and Wedding Tourism is a niche that projects Tepoztlán as one of the most romantic destinations in the world, where weddings and social events are held, including the LGBT population.

Tepoztlán, the magic of Eternal Spring.