Tecozautla which means place where the yellow stone abounds, is a corner of the state of Hidalgo, where it has thermal springs, here you can listen to the birds singing and you will find a great diversity of flora and fauna. In addition to being able to enjoy a rest in the shade of a walnut tree where you can enjoy the fruits that nature gives you in this fertile land, you can also visit its thermal water spas. It has a very pleasant semi-tropical climate almost all year round.

When the Toltec empire disintegrated, a large number of migrants came to this place, who settled in this place and, for fear of being attacked by other tribes, set about building a wall that measured between 5 and 6 meters in length. height and almost five kilometers in length, which served to protect them, especially when the Chichimecas attacked the Toltecs who lived in this region.

During the time of the conquest in the year 1551, the Spanish made their arrival in this municipality, whose objective was to appropriate their land.

In order to evangelize the Indians of this region, the missionary fray Juan de Sanabria arrived in the year 1565, after which he was the initiator of the construction of the first convent and with the help of other friars they were able to evangelize and reconcile with the Chichimecas who lived in this place, it was then that they decided to destroy the wall that divided them.

Between the years 1690 and 1700 the temple and former convent of Santiago Apóstol were built. One of the most important monuments of this municipality is its Monumental Clock, its tower was built at the time that Don Porfirio Díaz ruled, it is of a neoclassical style; It was inaugurated on September 15, 1910.

Its most important and traditional festival is the one celebrated on July 25 of each year, in honor of its patron saint Santiago Apóstol, they call it the Fruit Fair, for the production of fruit in this place, you can enjoy an exhibition of handicrafts (beautiful baskets made with sticks, obsidian items, fabrics, embroidery and more), rides, jaripeos, artistic varieties and an exhibition of fruits from the region and a great variety of Mexican snacks.

One of its most traditional dishes that you can enjoy in Tecozautla is the red mole with turkey or Creole chicken raised at home.

Other dishes that you can also enjoy here is the green mole with chicken, barbecue and mutton consomme, carnitas, gorditas with a wide variety of delicious homemade stews.

You can also taste escamoles, xhamues, maguey worms, as well as purslane and freshly cut quelites from the cornfield.

Here you can enjoy your favorite dishes accompanied by a delicious carnival, made with orange juice, tequila and some secret ingredients.

You can find goat cheese made by hand by people from this place. You can also delight yourself with the artisanal snows of exotic flavors and the artisan bread made as the one known as chambray.