Better known as the balcony of Tierra Caliente, Tacámbaro, invites you to visit its peaceful streets, a memory of another era. La Alberca will be an obligatory point where nature invites contemplation or adventure. While Saint Jerome and the Temple of Fatima are a must to completely fall in love with this place.

An idyllic scene appears among pine forests: a fairytale valley with its wooded hills, its mist on the peaks, its fruit fields and its small white and red village. The Magical Town of Tacámbaro promises provincial charm, but it offers several surprises to the traveler.

Tacámbaro boasts the perfect temperature. Located between the mountains and the hot land, the cool breeze and the warm wind alternate, dance and mix. Avocado, blackberry, and sugar cane are traditional here. In the town environment, waterfalls like Arroyo Frío with its mighty and impressive fall and lagoons like La Alberca offer a thousand possibilities for a day in nature.
The town retains the flavor of yesteryear. In the center, alleys of large white houses to protect from the sun and rain, and hidden squares such as Santo Niño lead to the large, landscaped main square. Beneath the portals, the Amalia Solórzano Cultural Center tells the details of the fascinating story of Lázaro Cárdenas, his wife, and why the presidential residence is called Los Pinos. Tacámbaro did his magic.

The great Cathedral of San Jerónimo presides over the main square, but probably the most iconic church in Tacámbaro is the Temple of Fatima. With magnificent views of the valley, this temple guards four images brought from former communist countries, and a replica of the Holy Sepulcher. Authentic surprising.