Maya Ka'an

It is the ideal destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities and seek to interact with ancient cultures and traditions, enter into harmony with virgin nature and integrate Mayan wisdom into their lives, contributing to the sustenance and conservation of the environment and culture of the region. .

Maya Ka'an is a beautiful region where it is possible to experience unique experiences in majestic natural settings, as well as discover the historical and cultural heritage of the Mayan people. This ecotourism destination diversifies the tourist offer of the Mexican Caribbean, based on the sustainable use of the attractions and strengthening the conservation of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site.

It is possible to do it by hiring a tour or on your own by car through the different roads that connect the communities that make up Maya Ka'an: Federal Highway 307 (Cancún - Chetumal), Federal Highway 184 (Felipe Carrillo Puerto - Mérida), Federal Highway 295 (Felipe Carrillo Puerto - Valladolid), Federal Highway 293 (Chetumal - Mérida), Highway 180 (Mérida - Cancún).