The name Huejutla means place where willows abound. Huejutla has a warm humid climate and, due to its location and relief, it has a rich vegetation made up of guayacule, palo de chachalaca, chijol, cedar, tie, hat scraper and other more species.

The city of Huejutla de Reyes Hidalgo, founded in the year 671, is the municipal seat of the municipality. This important city is considered a Colonial treasure for its Augustinian temple that dates back to 1751, and has great cultural wealth.

Due to its beauty and splendor, the municipality of Huejutla de Reyes Hidalgo surprises Huasteca, Hidalgo, Mexican and foreign society who are interested in culture through its history.

Tourism is an activity that leaves important benefits for the people who live in Huejutla de Reyes, which allows the municipality to grow and which translates into economic activity by generating jobs for the promotion of historical, cultural and tourist heritage.

Huejutla de Reyes, Hidalgo, due to its geographical location and the predominant warm climate make it the ideal place for the cultivation of plant species, endemic used since pre-Hispanic gastronomy whose influence has not diminished at the table of its inhabitants and those who throughout of the year they visit us with the aim of always savoring and enjoying something unique and irreplaceable in this beautiful "People with Flavor"..

Throughout the year, Huejutla offers a wide variety of unique products that enrich the kitchens and tables while satisfying the most demanding palates, the above coupled with the hands of artisans who with talent and work make their own kitchen utensils huejutlense, which give a unique and unmatched final flavor to Huejutla dishes.

The gastronomic activity in this municipality is of great importance, which is currently a considerable source of income and job generator. Today there are 38 Restaurants in Huejutla of which most of them offer traditional food on their menus and are made with utensils such as lebrillos, metates, molcajetes, mud comals, chichapal, among others, giving a finished and unique flavor to the food. Huejutlense.