Gómez Farías

This town nestled in the foothills of the imposing Sierra Madre Oriental is a site frequented by ecotourism lovers. The forests and mountains that border it are recognized as a lung of the Earth by the United Nations.

The Villa de Gómez Farías has its origin in what was Congregacion Joya de Indios, which was founded on the 19 of May of 1749 and the 10 of January of 1869 is given the name of Villa de Gómez Farías, being named in honor of Don Valentín Gómez Farías who served as president of the Constituent Congress of Querétaro in 1857 and President of the Republic.

Bocatoma Prawns: In the protected natural area of ​​Gómez Farías you will find the famous and traditional "Bocatoma", here you will find stellar dishes with prawns fresh from the Río Frío that by the way, runs 20 meters from where you will be eating. They are presented in garlic mojo and in broth, their texture has just the right point of cooking, and in addition, they are left in their shell during preparation to seal their flavor.