Rincon de Guayabitos

Rincón de Guayabitos has been recognized nationally and internationally for decades as the preferred family destination for vacationers, its gently sloping beaches and calm waves are framed by the natural beauty of the Sierra Madre Occidental and Coral Island, ideal to enjoy its warm tourist attractions; It is also a certified clean beach since 2016.

Rincon de Guayabitos is part of the Riviera Nayarit and the Costa Canuva-Guayabitos-Mandarina tourist corridor, it has a beach more than two kilometers long and 30 meters wide, its visitors enjoy a pleasant climate most of the year, with a hotel offer of more than five thousand rooms and bungalows, integrated into more than 300 hotels, shopping areas, tours to enjoy the sun, sand and sea, as well as walks to marvel at the dolphins and whales that come to the Bay of Jaltemba During the months of November to March, its warm waters are ideal for practicing water sports such as: canoeing, rowing, skiing, surfing, sailing, snorkeling and others.
Around Rincón de Guayabitos there are options for all tastes from Sun and Beach, Nature, Religious, Gastronomic and Cultural Tourism, as a sample are the routes you can travel:


(7 Unique Beaches for its Beauty)

Surrounding the beautiful riverside of Guayabitos we have seven beaches that make up this route, they are unique for their beauty and for their size, we speak of Playa la Tortuga, del Beso, Los Ayala, Frideras, Frideritas, Del Toro and the paradisiacal Coral Island, a all of them can be reached by sea and it will take you less than an hour to get to them, to take this tour you can ask with a tourist promoter in the beach area.


(The best shaken fish in the world)

Our beaches have not only beauty in their waters and sands but also with a delicious gastronomy generated since ancient times, such as zarandeado fish, of regional origin, in this municipality in the beautiful state of Nayarit you can taste it at Platanitos Beach, the preferred place to lovers of good food who enjoy this delicious delicacy.

Another of the places with international fame to prepare this delicious dish is the historic Puerto de Chacala, not to mention Rincón de Guayabitos where there are various restaurants specialized in its preparation.


(Hiking in the Sierra de Vallejo)

Considered as one of the last refuges of the monumental fauna of our country, the Sierra de Vallejo located behind Rincón de Guayabitos, is an excellent option for ecotourism lovers, in this place you can do walking, bicycle or vehicle tours All terrain along the trails where you can see all the flora and fauna, it is also known as the Jaguar Route, since various specimens can be seen along the way. To make this route you can contact specialized guides, as a suggestion the group "Caminando Ando" offer various tours in the area.


(Therapeutic Water Springs)

Sprouting from the entrails of mother earth, there are three springs that bathe the territory of Compostela, the thermal waters of Nuevo Ixtlán, Jamurca and El Molote, each of these attractions offers visitors the option of bathing in these waters with therapeutic properties and relaxing ideal for health, this route is located at a maximum distance of 45 minutes, leaving from Rincón de Guayabitos.


(More than 450 Years of History)

Recently named a magical town, the city of Compostela was originally the capital of the Nueva Galicia territory, which included the states of Aguascalientes, Nayarit, Jalisco, Zacatecas and Culiacán, which is why this historic and stately city has a history more than 450 years old, being founded by instructions of Queen Juana I of Castilla in 1540, with the name of Villa de Santiago de Galicia de Compostela. Here is the Parish of the Lord of Mercy, which has relics donated by the Vatican, by King Charles V and has the largest monumental censer in the world. In addition, all the surrounding towns such as Mazatán, Zapotán and Miravalles, retain vestiges of the rich history of the municipality, all located no more than an hour's journey from Rincón de Guayabitos.


(The Best Coffee in Mexico)

Las Cumbres de Huicicila (hummingbird spot) in the Sierra Madre Occidental has the right climate and height for growing the best coffee in Mexico, the different benefits located in this area of ​​Compostela have maintained the tradition of growing and harvesting the beans of coffee, in addition to roasting and grinding to offer a coffee with the best flavor, as proof of this, it is the preferred coffee of the White House in the United States of America. You can visit this route with Cactlán tours in Compostela, Nayarit.


A beautiful island bathed in transparent water with shades ranging from turquoise blue to emerald green, a tourist icon in the area of ​​Rincón de Guayabitos, Los Ayala and La Peñita de Jaltemba, located 3 kilometers from the three towns, just 10 minutes by boat from the coast, it offers its visitors an impressive natural underwater aquarium, with a great variety of marine species and birds, being for several years a protected reserve by the community, tourists can enjoy a small sandy beach White with two environmental awards, that of Certified Clean Beach, granted by the Mexican Institute of Normalization and Certification AC and that of Sustainable Beach awarded by SEMARNAT.

In addition, in Rincón de Guayabitos you will find a wide gastronomic offer for all tastes and budgets, from restaurants to enjoy our traditional Mexican food to international food options, all delicately made, in this place there are more and more options to eat before the growth that the hotel offer has had, the chefs and cooks prepare different dishes with seasoning and a very particular style that make palates experience exquisite delicacies prepared with meat, chicken and seafood, whether facing the sea, inside the accommodation establishments , on the main avenue or in the beach area.

Also, you will be able to enjoy delicious and diverse cravings, such as coconut bread, fried plantains, snows and dishes prepared with yaka, —a typical tropical fruit of the region-, up to the so-called “piña loca”, with its chilito powder and lemon.

Our visitors should not leave without savoring the delicious charcoal grilled fish and shrimp skewers, a version of the classic “en-beached fish” that can be found all along the beach. Simply delicious!