Acapulco is the most legendary and dazzling beach resort in Mexico that offers its visitors a varied tourist offer, excitement, fun and the Mexican authenticity that distinguishes it. But there are some things that any savvy traveler should know before arriving in this paradise and enjoying a satisfying and relaxing vacation.

Acapulco is at the height of the best resorts in the world. It represents the ideal vacation for any requirement, since it has various attractions; but unlike other places, the history of our port is certainly interesting.

The name of Acapulco is of Nahuatl origin and means "Place where the reeds were destroyed", according to tradition. It all starts with a legend of the Yopes Indians; Ácatl, which means “carrizo”, was the eldest son of a chief of the tribe, who was in love with Princess Quihuitl (“rain”), daughter of a rival caudillo and whose union was impossible due to the opposition of his parents; therefore Ácatl decides to return to his home near the bay, falling into a deep depression and his own tears melted his body to form a muddy puddle from which the reeds sprouted.

While Princess Quihuitl, passing through the bay turned into a cloud, discovered the death of her beloved and with sadness rushed like a waterspout towards the earth destroying the reeds, dying next to Ácatl. In this way they were united forever, thus giving birth to the word Acapulco "Place where the reeds were destroyed."

This legend is part of the pre-Hispanic antecedents that Acapulco has, in addition to the remains found in the archaeological excavations of the Sabana, as well as in some colonies in the upper part of the port, petrogravures and figures have been found, resulting in the Port it has been inhabited approximately since 3000 BC

The first European to make his arrival in our beautiful port was Fernando Chico, arriving on December 13, 1521, who named the bay of Acapulco as Santa Lucia, since on that date, in Spain they celebrated the day of Santa Lucia; this being its official title.

Back in the year of 1532, Acapulco was under the dominion of the Spanish colony, which was known as "Ciudad de los Reyes", resulting in other interesting, since since then it was considered the place of the best beaches, title well deserved and which has been preserved to date.

For Spanish ships returning from the East, the Port was declared the official site for trade between Asia and America, thus giving rise to the Fair of the Americas or Nao de China, dates in which Acapulco was transformed and filled with splendor. This is one of the first forays into the hospitality industry, a major source of jobs and a generator of large currencies.

With the passage of time Acapulco has been one of the most glamorous cities in the world, just enough to remember the 50's, when the great lights of Hollywood arrived in this paradise in America.

Furthermore, our Port is also a proud inspiration for movies and novels, which today are considered as classics and have given Acapulco international fame. Currently it is one of the preferred destinations for nationals and foreigners.

Acapulco can not only seduce the senses of those who visit it with its natural beauties, the sea breeze, the sunsets and an intense nightlife; It can also conquer palates with its most varied dishes, satisfying even the most demanding taste.

The gastronomic characteristics of the port are also reflected in dishes from almost the entire State. The dishes from Guerrero and Buenos Aires are the result of the fusion of two opposing cultures, since it has influences from both indigenous cuisine and Spanish gastronomy. Thus offering the visitor a wide range of culinary options, ranging from the most sophisticated dishes of international cuisine, to the typical dishes of the region.

Acapulco has the privilege of having an extensive variety of fish and shellfish, leading to dishes made from these, which are exquisite. Among which is the traditional ceviche of fish, shrimp, snail and octopus, you can also enjoy cocktails as a delicious "come to life", an "octopus in love", as well as "morritos al mojo de ajo" and for course could not miss the famous "Fish to Size"; Acapulco original dish, just to name a few.

But since this beautiful port pampers all gastronomic tastes and preferences, it also has more traditional dishes and varies according to the region of the State of Guerrero where it is located. It is important to highlight that the combination of races gave rise to mestizo dishes that are offered in most restaurants in Acapulco. Among these is the filling, which is pork seasoned with potatoes, carrots, apple, pineapple, male banana, raisins and accompanied with rolls making a delicious cake. White or “morisqueta” rice is also present in all kitchens. Of course, the exquisite and popular Guerrero-style white or green Pozole could not be missing, which in many of the restaurants located in various parts of the city serve it every Thursday as a tradition, with a varied garnish of vegetables and snacks.

And it is thought that these dishes are the only thing that Acapulco can offer, because then it is necessary to visit the more than 160 restaurants full of tropical flavor with all kinds of exotic nuances and all kinds of food, from traditional cuisine to the most eccentric gourmet proposals. . Most of these with outdoor spaces and many others with a fascinating view of the bay. There are also prestigious restaurants that offer a wide variety of dishes from Mexican, French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, and exquisite fusion of international cuisine, among many other culinary proposals that this destination offers, so don't miss out on the opportunity to venture to satisfy your palate delighting in the flavors of Tropical Acapulco.