Known this city as Pesquería Grande, it is later named García in honor of the one who was Governor of Nuevo León, Joaquín García. It has a territorial extension of 853.2 km². It borders to the north with Mina, General Escobedo and Hidalgo to the south and east with Santa Catarina and to the west with the state of Coahuila

In Villa de García stands the imposing Sierra del Fraile, framing the valley of this picturesque town.The first formal settlement of this territory was in 1583, when Captain Manuel de Mederos established in this place the Hacienda de San Juan Bautista de la Pesquería Grande. In 1606, of the Captain Manuel de Mederos Is associated with Diego de Huelva y José de Treviño to grow corn and wheat in the area, beginning with the development of this region. Factories have been installed in the municipality that are part of the Monterrey-Ramos Arizpe industrial corridor, where the Automotive, Glass and Mining Industry stand out.

The traditional dishes in this town are: Pickled palm flower Pickled chili, Tomato in brine. As for desserts, you can enjoy guava, peach and sweet walnut preserves