Zacatecas: American Cultural Capital of 2021

Alexia Arana

Zacatecas, known for being one of the most beautiful states in Mexico, was recently named the American Capital of Culture. The places that are part of the Capitals of Culture list receive an international promotion during the year in which they are chosen, by Antena 3 Internacional and Discovery Networks Latin America.

The objective of The American Capital of Culture is the contribution of knowledge among the peoples of the American continent, to disseminate the various places that have a common cultural heritage.

Xavier Tudela, President of the Bureau affirmed that Zacatecas was chosen due to the quality of the project presented, and for wanting to make the Cultural Capital a great project.

So we will tell you about the attractions that made Zacatecas the American Capital of 2021.

City emblem
As a first stop, we have the Cathedral, chosen by a vote of the citizens as the first Treasure of the Cultural Heritage of Zacatecas. The Cathedral of Zacatecas has an impressive façade in the baroque style, dating from the mid-18th century; one of its main characteristics is that it is made with pink quarry, a characteristic stone of the state coming from its mines.

Symbol of Zacatecas
One of the most important natural attractions of Zacatecas is the Cerro de la Bufa, since it is an important symbol in the history of Mexico. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, along with Ignacio Allende, conceived the idea of giving a government to Mexican America right here, where the “corrido” (Mexican folk song) "Las Mañanas de Hidalgo" is also very popular; one of the oldest in Mexico. From here you can see every point of the city, and the view is impressive.

You can see a statue of Pancho Villa one of the heroes of the revolution, whose army defeated Victoriano Huerta’s army.

On one side is the “Toma de Zacatecas” Museum, where you can learn more about what the Mexican Revolution was.

Go back to the past
Zacatecas has a great mining past, and the perfect place to learn more about its history is the El Edén” Mine, open to the public since 1975, where you will enjoy a 600-meter (over 1,900 feet) journey aboard a small train like the one used by miners.

During the tour, the guides tell legends and stories of the mine, and at night, they open a disco, to live a unique experience of an underground nightclub.

The archaeological zone of La Quemada is a place where you can see the best landscapes of Zacatecas, its name refers to the burned remains found in the place, and where the stone used for the construction of the hacienda was extracted.
It is located 50km (31 miles) from the city, and its buildings, dating from 800 AD, are made of stone, mud and mounted on artificial terraces on the hill.

Due to its architecture, La Quemada represents one of the most important monumental settlements in northern Mexico, in ancient times it was used as a circuit where tributes and resources that sustained its population circulated.
Zacatecas has many internationally recognized monuments, so you should not miss what this destination has to offer.



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