Why should you visit Angahuan and the Paricutín Volcano?

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One of the #InstaMexico favorites last week was the Paricutín Volcano, located in Angahuan, Michoacán, in the west of the country. It is one of the most impressive natural attractions in Mexico.
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The magic of Michoacán

Angahuan, is a town known for having spectacular views of the Paricutín Volcano, you can appreciate the beauty of this natural attraction from any part of this Purépecha community.

The favorite and special place to glimpse the natural beauty of Michoacán is the famous Angahuan Tourist Center, located on the edge of the town. This is where the Mirador Paricutín is located, and also a complex of cabins for you to stay.

What can I visit in Angahuan?

In the Angahuan Tourist Center there is a museum dedicated to the history of the Paricutín Volcano and what happened the day it exploded, it is one of the youngest volcanoes in the world.

On one side, there is an esplanade, where you can appreciate the beauty of the volcanic cone, and an area where you can glimpse the remains of what was the town of San Juan Parangaricutiro. It was one of the two towns that were covered by the lava of the Paricutín Volcano.

You can still see the towers of what was the church of San Juan Parangaricutiro, and that today are covered in hardened lava.

Exploring nature in Angahuan

If what you want is a walk through the nature of Michoacán, the ideal place is the Terutzikua Ecotourism Center. It is surrounded by a majestic view, nature, mountains, and pine trees.

The Terutzikua Ecotourism Center is located at the top of the Terutzikua hill, after passing the main entrance to Angahuan.

One of the main activities there is mountain biking, and you can also explore the place on foot or on horseback. There is also a restaurant, where they offer traditional food from Michoacán and Angahuan, where you can try the best of the Purepecha community.

One of the star dishes in traditional Michoacan cuisine is atápakua, made with guajillo chile, vegetables, corn dough, meat, mushrooms, and quelites. A whole party for your palate, be sure to try it before leaving Michoacán, so you can learn more about Purépecha food.

To visit the Paricutín Volcano, it is necessary to hire a guide, which you can find at the Angahuan Tourist Center, and start your excursion with their help.

You can get to the Paricutín Volcano by car or by taking one of the buses that leave from Angahuan. Once you arrive at the Volcano you can choose to practice mountaineering, its views will take your breath away, you can enjoy the magic that the Paricutín Volcano emanates.

Where is Angahuan located?

It is located within the state of Michoacán, about 32 kilometers (51 miles) from the city of Uruapan, one of the most important cities in the state.

To get to Angahuan from the city of Uruapan, you must take highway No. 37, heading towards Carapan, and after about 10 km (16 miles) you will find the deviation to highway No. 16, heading to Los Reyes. Following this road, approximately 18 kilometers (about 29 miles)away you will find the town of Angahuan.

Mexico is a country full of treasures to discover, with impressive natural attractions waiting for you on your next vacation.

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