Villahermosa: an Eden that you must discover

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The Capital of the State of Tabasco, known for being the Capital of Eden, is one of Mexico's favorite destinations. Villahermosa, a city with a piece of Eden in Tabasco, located in the southeast of the country, it is full of nature, and cultural attractions that you should not miss.

The city balances modernity with a past full of history, we will tell you what you should know about Villahermosa. With a humid climate, the best times of the year to visit Villahermosa are between the months of April and June, to enjoy a warm climate, if cold weather is your choice, the best months are between November and January.

The first thing to visit in Villahermosa is its historic center, it has a great architectural design that dates back to the 16th century; most of the commercial area of the city is located here.

It has an extensive gastronomic offer, with a great traditional cuisine, inspired by the Mayan and Olmec cultures. In the historic center, you can find places to taste the typical dish of Villahermosa; the “pejelagarto” (a type os swmp fish) and “pollo in chirmol” (a type of sauce), and the delicious pozol, a pre-Hispanic drink made from corn, which was consumed as an energy drink by the Mayans.

The chipilín tamales, is another traditional delicacy that you should not miss, the chipilín is a plant that gives a special touch to the tamales, and to top it off, finish with some stuffed plantains for dessert, and then, continue with the tour of the city center.

Zona Luz

A few steps from the historic center, you will find Zona Luz, consists of eight streets, when you walk through them, you can glimpse what Villahermosa was, in its heyday. The streets are full of houses, in past times they belonged to prestigious families, now, they serve as art galleries, museums, and hotels.

La Casa de Los Azulejos (The House of Tiles)

Its history dates back to 1889, when the Tabasco merchant José María Graham wanted the most elegant mansion in the city, strategically located near the historic center and in what is now known as ‘Zona Luz’.

Nowadays it is the Museo de la Historia de Tabasco, but the inhabitants usually call it La Casa de los Azulejos, because most of the decoration of the place has these precious pieces of ceramics.

The museum houses an approximate of 400 pieces that make up a collection of articles that tell the history of Tabasco, and Villahermosa. It houses photographs, weapons, paintings, coins, dating from ancient Villahermosa, as well as items that belong to the pre-Hispanic past of Mexico.

Learn more about the history of Villahermosa

Parque Museo La Venta is a combination of history and nature in the same place. Located a few steps from the Laguna de las Ilusiones, the Parque Museo La Venta gives us spectacular views of Villahermosa.

It is outdoors, so it is a unique and incomparable experience, you have to travel almost a kilometer to reach the previous exhibition of the La Venta archaeological zone, the city where the Olmecs settled.

Continuing the tour of the museum, we will find the famous ‘Colossal Heads’, you will also learn more about the importance of corn, the altars and about the Olmec culture. The Olmec culture was one of the most important in Mesoamerica, earning the title of being the mother culture, it laid the foundations of commerce, creation of urban centers and writing.

At night, a sound and light show is presented, accompanied by poems by the Tabasco poet Carlos Pellicer.

Connect with nature

The Parque La Choca was built and inaugurated in 1982, specifically to be a location for the famous Regional State Fair held in that space every year. It receives its name due to the sculpture called ‘La Choca’, which was built in honor of Tabasco women.

Nowadays, it is a recreational park, which has local fauna species of the region, you can know more about the Eden of Tabasco there. Locals visit it for a quiet walk, to practice sports or simply to enjoy the views.

Nature walk in Villahermosa

There is a tour that you should not miss, on the banks of the boardwalk there is a boat called Capitán Beuló, it offers a tour of the Grijalva river, and you will be able to learn more about the gastronomy of Tabasco once in it.

The boat has a restaurant with regional food, accompanied by live music, the ride has no cost, all you need to do is consume at the restaurant.

Villahermosa is a city like no other, it houses a history and a gastronomy out of this world, so on your next vacation we invite you to visit Tabasco.

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