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    Traditional Mexican foods ideal for vegetarians

    Alexia Arana

    Mexican gastronomy is one of the most popular internationally, and has been acclaimed as one of the richest in the world, so if you are planning your next trip to Mexico and do not know what vegetarian options exist, here is a list of traditional ingredients that you will love.

    It is true that Mexican cuisine is a world to discover, there are dishes where the presence of meat is essential, and others where the most important thing is the tortilla.

    The typical Mexican snack

    Everyone's favorite, after tacos, the quesadilla is one of the most important dishes in Mexican food, simple to prepare and you find it available in all restaurants.

    The quesadilla can go alone or accompanied by a stew, and generally, people usually accompany it with a stew, in this case, what we recommend is that the quesadilla is filled with huitlacoche; known as the Mexican truffle, it is a mushroom that grows on the cob and is rich in Vitamin C.

    The pumpkin flower, also usually goes with the quesadillas, and as its name says, as it is a flower, and a staple food in the Mesoamerican diet. The best thing is to taste the flower, covered with a batter, fried and accompanied by a sauce, in order to better enjoy its flavor.

    You can also try the pumpkin flower soup, one of the yummiest along with the mushroom soup, a dish that is mostly found in the center of the country, in destinations such as CDMX or La Marquesa in the State of Mexico.

    The Huauzontle is a plant from ancient Mexico. In the time of Emperor Moctezuma, it was one of the most important crops, even used as a form of payment.

    Here you find it in the form of a pattie deeped in batter and fried, stuffed with cheese, and bathed in tomato broth. Huauzontle has saponin, a substance that gives food a slightly bitter taste, so the combination with cheese and broth makes it a great dish.

    Another of the snacks that cannot be left out of the list are the “picadas”, which consists of a thick tortilla, spread with green or red sauce, topped with chopped onion and cheese, simple but at the same time very tasty.

    What you are going to run into in any central square or market is the delicious "elote", in Mexico it is eaten in different ways, but we recommend that you try it in the characteristic “esquite” (boiled corn kernels) or “corn in a cup”.

    They usually boil the corn in large pots, after it is ready, it is prepared with mayonnaise, cheese, and chili powder, if you ask for it whole, they give it to you on a stick, already prepared, if you ask it in “esquite” or “corn in a cup”, they will serve the corn kernels in a cup and then prepare it with the ingredients.

    And you should not leave, without first having tried an amaranth “alegría”, a typical Mexican sweet. Amaranth is a plant, part of the cereal family with high fiber content.

    The “alegría” is made with pumpkin seeds, amaranth, peanuts, and walnuts, mixed with a delicious “piloncillo” (brown cane sugar) honey.

    Symbol of Mexico

    The nopal, considered one of the most important symbols of the country, it was considered as the plant of life in ancient times, and it was one of the protagonists when finding Tenochtitlán.

    We can see this symbol present on the flag of Mexico, which represents the moment in which Tenochtitlán was discovered. In addition to having great historical importance, the nopal has become an important ingredient in Mexican food.

    We will find Mexican snacks such as “huarache” and “sope”, both made with a thick tortilla, topped with smashed beans, cream, and lettuce, accompanied by a stew made with nopales.

    You will always find rice and beans on any Mexican's table, there is a variety of preparation styles for these two, depending a lot on the area and what they are accompanied with. Its flavor is unique, and no matter style, it is sure that your mouth will water when you try them.

    Another dish where you can find nopales as a companion is in the famous “tlacoyos”. Thick corn tortilla shaped as an oval, commonly filled with beans, fava beans, or cottage cheese, which, topped with nopales, cheese, cream, and sauce.

    To accompany these delicious dishes, don't forget to try some of the most popular fresh fruit drinks in Mexico, such as “agua de horchata”,” Jamaica”, “chia with lemon”, tamarind and “Chaya”.

    Chaya can also be found in the form of a dish and not only in a drink, like “chaya empanadas” filled with Edam cheese, a typical dish in states such as Yucatán and Quintana Roo.
    Mexico is a megadiverse country, so it has a wide variety of dishes, destinations, attractions, and much more to suit each type of traveler.

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