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    Things you did not know about cenotes

    Alexia Arana
    One of the main attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula are cenotes, these natural pools not only have an indescribable beauty, they also hide ancient secrets. 

    Here we tell you some curiosities of these wonders of nature that you definitely have to visit on your next visit to Cancun, Tulum or Valladolid in Yucatan. 

    Sacred places      
    The Mayans considered the cenotes as the entrance to Xibalbá, the Mayan underworld, so they were sacred places and places of worship. In its depths, vessels, gold and jade jewelry and various objects have been found in offering. 

    Secret keepers 
    According to Mayan beliefs there are some small beings known as Aluxes, who have the mission of protecting the jungle and the cenotes. It is said that before entering a Dz'onot, a Mayan word that means cavern of water, you must make a kind of prayer, asking permission to swim in these sacred waters. 

    There are different types 
    The cenotes are divided into different categories, depending on their age and the characteristics of their environment. 

    • Open cenotes are the oldest, are surrounded by extensive vegetation and are ideal for swimming and observing the flora and fauna that surrounds them.      
    • Semi-open cenotes are not that old, their roof is not completely open and they can be connected to each other. 
    • Cavern cenotesare the youngest, they are usually entered by rappelling and the beauty of their caves is incomparable. 
    • Ancient cenotes are completely open, forming a kind of lagoons.

    Swimming in a cenote is an experience that you have to live at least once in your life. Dare to explore them and remember that it is essential to take care of and preserve them. We advise you that when you visit one you try not to use body creams, makeup, sun blockers or any chemical that can affect the ecosystem.

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