The Mythical Ghost Towns of Mexico

Alejandra Arellano

Destinations of the past

Something that characterizes Mexico is its amount of incredible destinations, full of architectural jewels, natural spectacles and… Ghost towns?

That's right; you read that right, the iconic ghost towns abound in this country. Mythical, mystical and mysterious, steeped in legends, surrounded by vegetation and architectural foundations, signaling what was once a full of life community.

If you are someone who likes to visit symbolic places, learn about the stories and legends of some town, marvel at spectacular views and are passionate about mysteries, then this small list of ghost towns in our beautiful country is for you.

Real de Catorce

In San Luis Potosí there is a small town as magical as it is enigmatic, in the middle of the desert, full of large abandoned houses, churches and dark mines. Here is the Antiguo Panteón de San Francisco and the Cerro Quemado, this one is a sacred space for the Huichol people. This emblematic place was a prosperous community in 1779 thanks to the exploitation of silver mines, once its time of abundance ended it was abandoned leaving wonderful traces on its cobbled streets of what was once a town full of life.

San Juan Parangaricutiro

In the beautiful state of Michoacán you can get to know this indescribable town, which in 1943 was buried under lava by the eruption of the Paricutín volcano. Many say the legend that that day the bells of its beautiful church rang and all the inhabitants had to evacuate their houses. Today half of the town is still covered by volcanic stone, giving it an incredible image like something out of a tale. The people who fled took refuge in Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro, a neighboring town that was founded after the catastrophe.

Cerro de San Pedro

In the mining town located in San Luis Potosí, abandoned and eerie buildings protrude through the cobblestone streets. There is a very popular legend that says that you can meet one of the most famous settlers here, the ghostly Huichichil boy, who offers you three golden oranges in exchange for you to enter to play with him in the abandoned mine that houses this place . Would you dare to visit this town?

Mineral de Pozos

In the state of Guanajuato, there is a town that was abandoned when its mines, abundant in copper, mercury and other metals, stopped being profitable. Legend has it that several workers were trapped in the mines when they were flooded and that to this day they continue to haunt the as ghosts. If you would like to check it out, you can take some of the night tours in this place.

There are many mysterious places in Mexico that will give you chills, but they will undoubtedly amaze you with their history and the beauty that characterizes them. This blog would not be enough for us to put all the ghost towns of this country that were once prosperous and full of life, but if you have the opportunity, and want to visit them, do not miss this incredible experience.

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