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    The favorite attractions in Hermosillo Sonora

    Max Balmori

    The city of the Sun welcomes you
    One of the cities classified as the most livable due to its distribution is Hermosillo Sonora. Located in the northwest of Mexico, it is a progressive place that enchants travelers with its tourist attractions, without neglecting its ancestral culture. Hermosillo manages to combine the cultural richness of its lands, providing a picturesque space of ancient history in each corner.

    Preserving with pride and remembering the events that were necessary to make it what it is today, there are historical centers that tell their story, but you will not know this better than walking through its streets. Each building has something to tell.
    You already know that we recommend the most endearing places to travel, so pack your bags because we share the must-see places here, so you know what to do in Hermosillo.

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    The perfect place to see the whole city
    One of the activities that you can do in Hermosillo is hiking, a walk that also serves as an exercise, and accompanying it with a spectacular view is something that you can only find in the Cerro de la Campana.

    We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes because climbing it requires a bit of effort, but the panoramic view you get at the end is something spectacular. Upon reaching the top, it becomes an incomparable viewpoint where you can appreciate the city in all its extension.

    The best time to climb the Cerro de la Campana at approximately 5:00 p.m., because when you are at the top, the sunset will be close to end and you will see all the lights of Hermosillo.

    EL Jardín de Sonora
    Considered a zoological garden, the Hermosillo Ecological Center seeks to teach visitors about the different animal species and flora that characterize the Hermosillo Sonora desert.

    It is one of the first attractions that stand out for being located at the entrance of the city, and it is an ideal walk to share with the family. The tour that it offers has a transport where you will have close contact with giraffes and zebras that you can feed.

    These animals are used to interacting with people; at all times the emphasis is on respecting their space, since we are guests of their habitat.

    Of the hundreds of museums in Sonora, there is not one that compares to the Museo De Arte De Sonora, because it has both local and international contributions, artistic expressions such as painting and sculpture; it is a space for modern and contemporary art. You have the opportunity to visit this venue from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    Very creatively, the exhibits are designed as a timeline in three rooms that tell the history of regional art, the evolution of contemporary Mexican art and culminate in the combination of international works that further enrich Mexican culture.

    You do not need to be a great expert to be a great artist, there is a beauty in each exhibition that the organizers themselves say, can be interpreted in a thousand ways, which makes them special because the way you interpret these works is a reflection of the author within you.

    The spiritual enclosure
    One of the most popular places for local people from Sonora in the Catedral de la Asunción. The construction of this spiritual home has neo-Gothic decorations and its 30 meters high highlights the majesty of both the faith and the city of Hermosillo.

    Located in Plaza Zaragoza, it has beautiful figures inside that highlight the mysticism of this culture. Everyone who enters this place is embedded with a peace that permeates to so many people something that has not yet been explained.

    Located in one of the central points of Hermosillo, it has kiosks and tall trees around it to enjoy a pleasant family walk, allowing you to get to know the surroundings and enjoy the warm atmosphere that characterizes Sonora.

    A walk through the central square
    In the heart of Hermosillo is Plaza Zaragoza, a place that brings together the best of the city, from its gastronomy to its cultural centers. Its kiosk is very characteristic of the square and sometimes enchants the inhabitants with its musical, theatrical and cultural shows.

    Surrounded by important buildings such as the government building, the “Palacio Municipal” and the Hermosillo cathedral, Plaza Zaragoza is one of those tourist attractions enjoyed with the family. Have a quiet walk to let the children run and enjoying the passage of in healthy coexistence.

    Come! Here you will always be welcome. Traveling changes people's perspective, but traveling to Hermosillo Sonora will change your life.

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