The best wellness destinations in Mexico to connect with your soul

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Find your spiritual balance

In addition to being the ideal destination to enjoy spectacular tourist attractions, Mexico has a magical touch that surrounds you when you arrive.

Tourists from all over the world decide to spend their vacation in Mexico because it is the perfect wellness destination, due to its cultural and natural abundance. Here you have the opportunity to practice ancient techniques surrounded by beautiful landscapes that will help you get rid of all the negativity and connect with your soul.

Just as ecotourism helps you connect with Mother Nature, health related tourism or wellness tourism, serves to find the balance between body and mind. Harmony that cleanses your spirit, achieving a fuller lifestyle.

Your trip can become a unique experience; you just have to know where to look for. This time we share with you the best Mexican destinations to experience wellness culture.
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Take the stress out of your life

The Magical Town of Tepoztlán in the state of Morelos was the first to offer tourists a wellness experience. In Tepoztlán you have the opportunity to let go of stress by relaxing in a spa or practicing yoga, however, we recommend you try the temazcales.

They are steam baths in the middle of nature; it all starts with a ritual that prepares your body and mind to enter a state of relaxation. This ancient practice will help you purify your body. It is done inside a rustic cabin that is covered so the steam does not escape.
The steam baths of the temazcal bring with them an importance and cultural legacy, during pre-Hispanic times, due to their curative and therapeutic benefits, this practice survives thanks to the traditions of different communities. The origin of this ceremony comes from the fact that it was used daily as a bath, linking it with purification. Today it is a representation of the womb of Mother Earth, seeking the cleansing of the body and mind.

It should be a moment that encourages reflection and meditation, in which you cleanse your being. Rest assured that, after leaving the temazcal, you will return home feeling like a better person. It is an experience that invites you to return.

There are many hotels in Tepoztlán that include the experience of a temazcal in their itinerary, so you will have no problem making a space on your vacation to spend some time and indulge yourself.

To make your visit even more pleasant, take the opportunity to visit the Ex-Convento de Tepoztlán, which is west of downtown Tepoztlán.

Harmony begins from the inside

The popularity of wellness tourism has grown in the last decade, being the preferred vacation plan due to its incredible practices and the benefits it brings.

In Mérida Yucatán, purification rituals and healing techniques were already being carried out in the Mayan culture, something that it has enriched it over time. The ancient Mayan settlers had their own practices with medicinal plants, to achieve a state of harmony with one’s spiritual being. You can also be part of them. The hotels, haciendas and spas throughout Merida provide yoga services to relax your body, massages that cleanse your stress, and the favorite of many, aromatherapy.

Most are carried out in specialized centers and others outside, surrounded by nature to give you a feeling of complete freedom, the most recommend way.

Imagine enjoying a vacation in one of the best beach destinations in Mexico.

Swimming in the crystal clear waters of a cenote and exploring the beautiful corners of Yucatan, while living a relaxing experience on the beach, where all you hear is the song of the sea. You will truly feel a hospitable affection that will motivate you to try each activity more than once.
Fill yourself with energy in these paradises

Jalisco is surely a place where you can do activities that benefit your physical and mental state. This paradise, famous for giving tequila to the world, is also ideal to recharge yourself. You will improve your health while enjoying an unforgettable vacation.

Located just three hours driving from Puerto Vallarta, Costa Reyes is a place surrounded by natural beauty and where you will find La Copa del Sol, a construction that has ideal acoustics to practice sound healing. This is a relaxation activity using the vibrations produced by quartz vessels.

A very effective way to magnify your spiritual energy is through the senses. The silence that meditation requires is only interrupted by the sounds induced by your guide, who helps you fill your mind and body with vigor and encouragement so you can continue your adventure. 

Disconnect to reconnect

Tulum is also in the Yucatan Peninsula, and like Mérida it shares with tourists different wellness activities to promote health and well-being during their vacation.

Practicing yoga here is a wonderful way to combine physical exercise with awareness, strengthening one’s mind and body. If you travel in the company of your family or friends, it is essential that you enter the gratitude centers, those are spaces that invite you to express gratitude to the people who accompany you on this comforting journey. It is a very noble way of loving and being loved.

Another “treatment” used in Tulum to help you improve your health and even beauty are herbal baths; used to detoxify your body, those therapies where water is mixed with medicinal plants grown in the area. For example, drinking a tea that cleanses your interior is part of the rituals that you can participate in.

You will notice a huge difference after participating in these activities, which will reconnect your essence with your natural side, so you can continue to have a full and peaceful life in your day-to-day.
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Discover Mexico in true contact with the soul

Mexico has the most exquisite landscapes in the world, ideal for those who seek strong emotions and decide to enter its rivers, waterfalls and mountains. In addition to all this, the healing power of these same landscapes gives a magical touch to every corner.

Each roaring river brings with it the calm sound of a waterfall; if you find a canyon you will discover a breathtaking sight. The environment itself becomes a magnificent place to rejuvenate. One of those places in Mexico is San Luis Potosí.

Exercise your body with the yoga positions inside the Micos River, a beautiful place with refreshing waterfalls 40 minutes from Ciudad Valles, in the Huasteca Potosina region. Here you can enjoy an entertaining walk where you will only hear the sounds of the sea, nature and your own breathing.

If you are looking for an experience different from all the above, in San Luis Potosí you will find shaman ritual practices that will help to locate the areas most affected by stress and get rid of all your emotional burdens through meditation.

Get to know yourself, live an interior journey and discover who you are

One would think that Mexico City, being a huge destination to visit, visited by thousands of tourists every day, would be the last place to promote wellness tourism. Believe it or not, the capital shares experiences out of the ordinary for all those who are looking for a moment of restoration and well-being; we will tell you about them here.

One of the most enjoyed is the so-called cocoa ritual. Cocoa is a gift from the gods that originated in Mexico; it has natural properties that serve to improve the interior of people just like a medicinal herb. This mystical ritual consists of making your sense of smell be filled with cocoa vapor, it will make you change your face immediately with its delicious aroma. Then there is a “release” process that consists of screaming, so be prepared to release all the air from your lungs with phrases such as "not my problem", "I can", "I want my happiness" and even using stronger words.

Now you know a new touristic plan that will help you let go all your emotional problems, while enjoying the best Mexican destinations.

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