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    The best destinations to experience the wine route

    Nectar of the gods

    The best thing you can accompany your trip to Mexico with is a glass of wine. This drink is the favorite of tourists who visit Mexican lands and this is where you will find the famous "wine route", home to the best wine houses, a shelter for the nectar of the gods.

    This route includes various valleys within the states of Mexico, an experience that combines culture, gastronomy with hundreds of wine houses, a drink that you will have the opportunity to taste accompanied by a great selection of cheeses.

    We share with you the destinations where you can take this incredible tour.

    The wine with grapes and cheese, tastes like a kiss

    Movie landscapes, traditions and picturesque streets are some of the experiences that Querétaro offers. In this state you can find one of the most beautiful Magical Towns: Tequisquiapan.

    Here you will find a large number of vineyards that offer guided tours, degustations and tastings. Without a doubt, it is an ideal destination to enjoy on a weekend.

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    Ideal for growing grapes

    With 10 of the richest wine cellars, Aguascalientes has the perfect conditions to produce the freshest grapes that will result in a delicious wine of the highest quality.

    Throughout this land you can enjoy a tasting outdoors, surrounded by nature, or inside one of the wineries.

    In addition to its wine houses, Aguascalientes has many complementary attractions that you can experience. Whether cheese shops or museums, these will serve to enrich your culture and make your trip a complete experience.

    Mexico's favorite route

    Baja California is in the northern part of the country, where 90% of Mexican wine is produced, home to the most beautiful valleys in Mexico. Here the adventure begins in the Valle de Guadalupe, a site that receives hundreds of visitors every day looking for an incomparable gastronomic experience.

    Surrounded by beaches and mountains, Baja California has incredible landscapes decorated with grape vineyards, a delicious aroma, and a culture that you only find in Mexico.

    If you are a lover of wine and nature, Mexico is your ideal destination, prepare your next trip.

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