The 4 unmissable Magical Towns of Veracruz

Max Balmori

Great adventures await you

There is a place that keeps the most beautiful of Mexico, with magical places that enchant visitors to make them come back and enjoy this paradise. Veracruz is a land rich in culture, surrounded by the best beaches for sunbathing and the most joyful parties in the region.

There is something special for everyone here, you can enjoy a walk along the beaches of Veracruz, enrich your culture by entering its various museums, or simply enjoy the best coffee in all of Mexico. Yes, it is here. There are so many tourist places in Veracruz that you will need more than one trip to discover all its charms.

Something that is on everyone's lips, are the unique experiences that they live when entering the Magical Towns of Veracruz, an adventure that you must give yourself the opportunity to live. We share a list of its Magical Towns and what you can find in them. We assure you that you will want to visit all of them.

Coffee magic

We all have a ritual in the morning that even seems like a tradition, to make ourselves a delicious cup of coffee. If you really enjoy this elixir so much, Coatepec is the ideal Magical Town for you. Located in the center of Veracruz and eight kilometers (almost 13 miles) from Xalapa, it is a place full of unimaginable tourist attractions, streets with such vivid colors that embellish the area and endless museums. Everyone's favorite is the coffee museum.

Here you can experience an adventure strolling through the center of the city, visiting its waterfalls and entering one of the hundreds of cafes you can find throughout this Magical Town. Something truly magical about this place is that each one of those cafes has a unique coffee flavor, everyone who visits Coatepec says they have never tasted such flavors anywhere before.

Hear the fairies sing

With the perfect climate to explore the place, Xico is the richest Magical Town in history and architecture in Veracruz. It has a very peculiar and colorful charm thanks to its colonial houses and the flowers that, due to the ideal climate, are present all year round.

Of course, the air also smells of coffee, the place is surrounded by coffee plantations that also open your appetite, so we recommend you try the best traditional Xico dish, a delicious mole.

The natural emblem of Xico is the Acatepetl hill, an attraction that can be seen from any part of the town and which you can go intop. There is an ancient legend in this place, where peasants say that they have heard the fairies--that live in the forests of the hill--sing and pray. It is an experience that only the brave undertake.

The city of merry waters

Culture and tourism coexist in harmony in this Magical Town. Orizaba has 113 historical monuments that include palaces, theaters, temples and cathedrals, in addition to having one of the best gastronomy. You can enjoy the favorite dish of the region, a delicious “chileatole” and accompany it with molotes, picada or chayote patties.

You should not miss the opportunity to indulge your palate, without a doubt you will even order more to take away.

This beautiful Magical Town is home to the famous Pico de Orizaba that is located in the territorial limits of Puebla and Veracruz. Also known for being the highest mountain in Mexico, it is the ideal place to experience an adventure when you climb this frozen mountain, giving you the opportunity to pass between its beautiful ravines.

The land of vanilla

Papantla, located in the north of Veracruz, is a Magical Town with a very popular Mexican tradition, which you have surely seen represented in other places such as Playa del Carmen. Of course we are talking about the Voladores de Papantla, a cultural treasure that has transcended to the most distant corners of the world.

This aerial dance known as the flight of the dead is a prayer to the father sun, to bless the people with rains to fertilize the land, which helps the production of vanilla orchids.

On your trip to Papantla, you can also visit the El Tajín archaeological site; it is believed to have been the capital of the Totonac Empire. Proof that in the Magical Town there are more than just tourist attractions, they also keep the history that gave rise to what is now Mexico.

There are still many hidden wonders in Veracruz that are waiting for your arrival, come and let yourself be enveloped by the charms of this place. After all, nothing develops intelligence quite like traveling.

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