Places in Mexico that seem out of this world

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Mexico is surely one of the wealthiest countries in culture and with a great diversity of ecosystems and species. So it comes as no surprise that it has destinations that seem out of this world.
Here is a list of the most impressive destinations in Mexico that will take your breath away.

San Francisco Pacula, Hidalgo
It lives up to the term out of this world. Located in the northwest of the state, the red dunes of San Francisco Pacula are a natural attraction that you should visit on your next vacation.

It is perfect for photography lovers, since the dunes are located between the mountains, where their intense red color contrasts perfectly with the vegetation of the place. Its color comes from the high content of iron and phosphorus that can be found in mines, it is so intense that when you touch the sand with your hands, they will borrow that color, but do not worry, the sand is not toxic.

Photo by @faaabbs_

Many travelers describe this place as if it were a replica of what we could find on Mars. A few kilometers from the dunes you can find the Magical Town, Huasca de Ocampo, in case you want to taste delicious dishes and learn more about the history of Hidalgo.

If you want more Magical Towns to visit, we recommend you read our blog note.

Cataviña, Baja California
Located in the great desert of Valle de los Cirios, in Baja California you can find the town of Cataviña, a place that is waiting to be discovered.

You will be amazed admiring the sights around Cataviña, without a doubt you will feel like in a western movie. The desert has its own oasis, known as Poza La Escuadra, it is surrounded by immense stones, an incredible natural scene.
In addition to finding some unusual landscapes, you can also visit the cave paintings found in the place, discover more about fossils, and explore your adventurous side practicing rappelling.

Photo by @gess8

Popocatl, Veracruz
In Veracruz you can find a mysterious cavern, the Sótano de Popocatl, with about 45 meters (147 feet) in diameter and 70 meters (230 feet) deep.

A place where you can connect with nature and feel the energies of the Nahuatl people who lived there, during the journey you can enjoy the song of the swifts, and see their nests up close.

Popocatl means ‘water that smokes’, named like this because for most of the way, visitors are in constant contact with water vapor, and sometimes you can see rainbows formed by this vapor.
You must follow the path on the side of the underground river, with every step you take, this “basement” becomes darker and more imposing, ending in a cave where the river disappears into a siphon, and there you will be able to appreciate some pools that have unusual fish, different than the ones you usually see, they live in the dark.

Samalayuca, Chihuahua
To the north of the state of Chihuahua, you will find the Samalayuca dunes, a desert full of adventures. Its name is due to the fact that Samalayuca is the main population of this place, the dunes are composed of fine white sand, which seems to dance to the blow of the wind.

Unlike most deserts in Mexico, the Samalayuca dunes lack vegetation, so the sand has free mobility, and sometimes this causes in sandstorms.

Photo by @unmexicanoporelmundo

A place where you can find peace and enjoy stunning views, but if you want to explore the dunes in a more extreme way, you can practice the star activity: sandboarding, or simply take a ride on a jeep or an ATV.

El Porvenir, Michoacan
In Michoacán, there is a town called El Porvenir, known for hosting a unique rustic and natural richness. El Porvenir has a natural attraction; it is surrounded by gullies with a peculiar conical shape and a color between brown and pink.
At first glance, the structure of the gullies created by the erosion of the water and different natural factors, impressed the visitors, resembling one of the typical sweets of Mexico, the piloncillo (unrefined whole cane sugar usually shaped like a cone).

Photo by @josep.mex

So it is now known as Los Piloncillos, and yes, it seems like a place out of this world, it continues to amaze visitors with its unparalleled structure, ideal for adventurous cyclists and photography lovers.
Mexico has endless attractions that take our breath away. Tell us, which has been the destination that has caused the most impression on you?

Cover photo by @alfredomoran_photo

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