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    Natural Reserves of Mexico that will amaze you

    Alexia Arana

    In Mexico you can enjoy a wide range of native flora and fauna; there are so many incredible places to admire nature that can be found in this magnificent country. Here you live surrounded by natural wonders.

    Mexico is known for being a wild place, with a wild biodiversity so wide that it encompasses every border and heart.

    March 3, World Wildlife Day, an important date for our nation, so here we mention some of the natural reserves that Mexico protects. 

    La Chara Pinta Reserve
    In the south of the state of Sinaloa, in the community of El Palmito, is the protected natural area of La Chara Pinta. In 2005 this beautiful place was declared a Natural Reserve thanks to the efforts of various institutions not to cut down trees and take care of 130 groups of birds that inhabit these 5,000 hectares (over 12,300 acres). The name of this majestic valley derives from one of the species that live there, which is native to that place and is restricted within the limits of Durango and Nayarit. In this natural landscape the main inhabitants are several species of birds that will surprise you with their incredible colors that highlight the sky and fly around the mountains, such as: mountain trogon, Mexican quetzal, green macaw, white-eared hummingbird, among many others. In La Chara Pinta there are also eco tours, they have organized excursions to be able to coexist with nature responsibly.

    Revillagigedo Islands
    Located 373 miles off the coast of Colima, this magnificent archipelago was discovered in 1533, named a protected Natural area in 1994 and a biosphere reserve in 2008, it is made up of four majestic islands: Socorro, San Benedicto (which is a beautiful inactive volcano), Clarión and Roca Partida. Although it is a bit difficult to get to these beautiful places, that is what makes these islands special. With the experience of eight trips made to this paradise of our beautiful country, it has been possible to confirm an important number of native species such as: birds, fish, reptiles and flora, some of them unique in the world. Here they are found from algae, corals and annelids, mammals such as whales, killer whales and dolphins and also sharks, and a wide range of fish with scales. It also forms a nesting area for four species of sea turtle.  

    El Vizcaíno 
    This protected natural area is located north of the beautiful state of Baja California Sur, within the municipality of Mulegé. It was declared a biosphere reserve on November 30, 1988 and its more than two million hectares (almost 5 million acres) crown it as one of the largest natural reserves in the world. This admirable place encompasses a wide variety of ecosystems, from deserts, mangroves, lagoons and forests. "El Vizcaíno" has a diversity of endemic flora and fauna species and some in danger of extinction, here you can find: the stone squirrel, the kangaroo rat, the California sea lion and at least two subspecies of common seal. It is also a beautiful sanctuary for the reproduction of the gray whale. In this giant area various activities are carried out, from hiking, boat tours and expeditions in the high valleys, where, if you have the opportunity, you can discover various cave paintings of our ancestors.

    Sian Ka’an
    Located in the state of Quintana Roo south of Tulum, this natural reserve is the largest protected area in the Caribbean. The great variety of flora and fauna found in this wonderful place caught the attention of UNESCO, which declared this reserve a Natural Heritage in 1987. Here you can admire the union of beautiful semi-virgin beaches with mangroves in the lagoon, the abundant Vegetation hides various types of life, from jaguars, crocodiles, pumas, spider monkeys and countless birds. It is also the ideal sanctuary for manatees. Without a doubt, this reserve is a heavenly place that anyone will love. Mainly by boat through the crystalline lagoon, also snorkeling and diving are essential to be able to admire nature in Sian Ka’an.

    Let's celebrate the beauty of nature, and raise awareness about the preservation of these species and life forms that this wonderful country is home to.

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