Mexican gastronomy: pride and tradition

Alexia Arana


A culinary delight

Mexican cuisine is renowned for the delight that palates experience. Not only the flavor or color of the spices and herbs that give the final touch to these meals are essential, the way in which these succulent dishes are prepared is vital to make it worthy of this Mexican country.

Part of gastronomic history

The origins of Mexican gastronomy date back to the pre-Hispanic period where the main ingredient was corn as well as others, such as: cocoa, chile, nopales, avocado, tomato, beans, etc.

The arrival of the Spaniards caused that there was miscegenation in gastronomy, since they introduced new ingredients, such as: fruits, sugars, oils, cereals and spices that enriched what was already known.

The dishes that today are main in our country and have given world fame to Mexican gastronomy were born thanks to that, as well as mole, “cochinita pibil”, “chiles en nogada”, "carnitas", and tacos, among others.

A route through exquisite Mexico

The set of typical Mexican dishes has been declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity, there is a wide variety of flavors, so we leave you this list so that you know the foods that make the Mexican people proud.

This succulent pre-Hispanic broth was created in Cuernavaca, the main ingredient is corn and depending on the region you are in, the type of meat that is going to accompany it is added, it can be pork, chicken or beef. The “pozole” consists of cooking the “cacahuacintle”, which is a large grain corn, then the meat is added, to finish it, rich complementary seasonings that give the delicious flavor to this great dish such as: radishes, lettuce, avocado and of course chile should not be missing either in sauce or powder.

Chiles en nogada
This exquisite Mexican representative comes from Puebla, it is said that it was created by Augustinian nuns from the Santa Monica Convent to celebrate the Independence of Mexico. Its colors and striking presentation make it the fundamental dish of this nation. It consists of a poblano chile with a rich beef or pork filling accompanied by fruits, while the sauce that covers it is made from walnuts. When serving it, the dish is decorated with parsley and pomegranate to represent the colors of the Mexican flag.

One of the most exotic dishes in Mexico, which is another creation from Puebla, is characterized by having various types of chiles, spices and seeds that are ground into “metates” and “molcajetes” (volcanic stone mortars). This preparation is a complement to a dish that has meat, the mole is the sauce that accompanies it. It is recognized worldwide for its extraordinary ingredients and its preparation has become an admirable tradition. Another star protagonist in mole is “cacao” that gives it a sweet touch.

In any country in the world they can tell you that they know enchiladas, this unmissable dish goes around the world and it is an representative of our country. It is originally from San Luis Potosí and consists of the famous corn tortillas, stuffed with beef, chicken or pork and cheese. As a delicious complement, sauce made of different types of chiles, beans, cheese, cream is added and it is accompanied with lettuce, onion or avocado. There are several types of enchiladas, it depends on the type of sauce you put on it, but the flavor is definitely extraordinary.

Mexico prides itself on the gastronomic roots that our ancestors have inherited to us. Here, palates are enriched with the flavors of this beautiful country and without a doubt this is how the world knows what Mexico is and what characterizes it: traditions, biodiversity, colors, landscapes, cities and above all gastronomy.


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