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    Live an adventure in the wonders of Acapulco

    Alexia Arana


    The pearl of the Pacific

    One of the world's favorite destinations, one that paints its beaches with different shades of blue and is characterized by having a wonderful nightlife; that is Acapulco. This paradise located in the South Pacific of Guerrero, is eager to receive you and the millions of tourists who choose this, as their favorite place to rest, have fun and sightsee among its picturesque streets.

    A tropical paradise that has an enormous extension of beaches so that all who come can enjoy swimming in its crystal clear waters, making it the ideal tourist destination, especially in the Spring Break season. Tanning by the sea is surely one of the first activities you want to do, but we also want your adventure to be even better. That is why we share with you the places to visit in Acapulco

    If something good happens, celebrate with a trip

    Tourists with tastes as diverse as the activities you can do in Acapulco come here, especially people with a huge adventurous spirit. For those who want an experience like no other, they can enjoy a kayak trip, dive in the water depths or fly in the world's largest zip line over the sea.

    There is so much to choose from that you can fill your heart with unique experiences, and you may find that you like adrenaline after all.

    We recommend taking these walks as a couple or with all your friends, especially the zip line, since nothing is enjoyed more than in the company of those you love.

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    A beach rescue

    Imagine that you could tour the beaches of Acapulco riding a horse. It sounds great, especially when you find out that you can do it in Acapulco. A walk along the seashore, next to one of the noblest animals, is something to remember.

    This is a guided walk through the most beautiful area of the place where, in addition, the tour includes releasing turtles into the sea to promote the preservation of this species.

    Give yourself the opportunity to live a rewarding adventure, participating in one of the miracles of nature. Surely, you wish you had done it sooner.

    A show at the marine theater

    In each state of Mexico there are cultural theaters, with a wealth as diverse as its Magical Towns. The most special of all is called Symphony of the Sea, there is no better name. This amphitheater has a spectacular view of the sea, where the favorite activity of those who come here is to sit and listen to the waves sing while they watch the incredible sunsets.

    In addition, there are also musical events, regional dance and theater plays. Expand your culture so you always have a new topic to talk about.

    New Year’s Family Fun

    Something that tourists certainly love are the fairs in Mexico. There are all kinds of them, with different themes but they all make you have so much fun that you lose track of time.

    The mega imperial fair of Acapulco in an event of concerts, gastronomy and exhibitions.

    They are 24 days of pure entertainment, starting in December and ending in January to experience a different New Year's party than usual. Nothing compares to it.

    These are the wonders of Acapulco that are most enjoyed and will surely make you fall in love with this place. You may discover more that you can call the same way, but you will know until you come to this paradise.


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