Enter the magical land of San Quintín

Max Balmori

An experience between land and sea
South of Ensenada, Baja California, you will arrive at San Quintín Bay, a town where the main activity is fishing, as well as being an extraordinary place for extreme water sports. Along with Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region; here you will find beautiful natural attractions, areas full of history and the yummiest gastronomy in Baja California.
Each trip to Mexico is a special occasion to share with friends and family, and if it is the first time that you venture into the waters of this bay, here we will tell you everything you can do on your trip.
Enjoy an unforgettable experience on your visit to San Quintin.

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The Sea Lion Sanctuary
40 kilometers south of San Quintín, there is a natural attraction with an unparalleled view. "La lobera" is an extraordinary place in the shape of a crater where you can appreciate the arrival of seals and sea lions that seek to rest and sunbathe.
A natural viewpoint that receives hundreds of tourists every day, “La lobera” offers a spectacle of the aquatic life of Baja California. The characteristic shape of “La lobera” is due to hundreds of years of erosion caused by the impact of the sea, turning it into an oceanic paradise in the middle of the desert.
In order to get there, it is necessary to drive through the desert, arriving to Ensenada and towards the south of Baja California. As you walk along the path, you can enjoy the landscape surrounded by trees and mountains.

A delicacy with chile, lemon and salt
We have told you about Mexican gastronomy on other occasions, typical regional dishes that are as diverse as the culture in Mexico.
Baja California is the largest producer of oysters in the country, enjoying a fresh oyster and taking a walk through the crops found in San Quintín Bay has become one of the favorite tourist activities in the region.
“La ostionera”, as it is known, has the largest oyster cultures, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the process they go through to be purified and served. Between tasting it and the ways you can eat it, it will become a moment for posterity, one that you should not miss.

The best for the end
San Quintín has ideal spaces for water activities. You can surf on its beaches, dive in the depths and experience being with marine life, enjoy a quiet swim or snorkel, making it the perfect place to satisfy your adventurous spirit.
These activities provide unique experiences for tourists; however there is one more that we recommend because of how special it is.
After a day full of adventure and fun you will surely want to rest and relax, because there is no better way to do it than camping outside.
Thanks to the spaces that San Quintín has, camping has become the favorite moment of travelers. Enjoying the tranquility of nature surrounded by your loved ones is a special experience that we recommend that you experience.

We assure you that you will not be the same after visiting this place. Delve into the wonders of San Quintín, discover new experiences and remember to travel through Mexico.

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