Ensenada and adventure route: coasteering

Alejandra Arellano

At the edge of the Ensenada sea

Would you dare crossing cliffs over 82 feet high? Well, in Baja California it is possible.

In the beautiful and tropical Ensenada it is possible to be a true adventurer and live exciting experiences. Just imagine witnessing the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, listening to the waves hitting the great rock walls, all this from the edge of a cliff.

This experience becomes real thanks to coasteering, which consists of exploring a rocky coastal region using various techniques such as the famous rappelling or cliff jumping. Much of this tour is done in water and the challenges are increasing.

It may sound like an extreme sport, and it is, but anyone with a good physical condition and no previous experience can try it, yes, it is essential that you have the desire to feel the adrenaline.

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We start with the exciting tour

The Bahía del Papalote, La Bufadora, in beautiful Ensenada, is the headquarters of the coasteering in Mexico. The tour consists of two sections of rappelling from incredible cliffs and a bit of swimming.

The first rappel is 82 feet high, it is somewhat complicated, you must dare taking the first step backwards, even if your body resists, supporting your own weight with the help of the ropes, you slowly descend until you complete the first section.

The second section is the largest and is 114 feet high and quite steep, not bad, but it is also much easier, since here the guides propel you from one point to another with the help of harnesses, as if you were on a zip line, to finish landing on a tiny rocky island.

From this beautiful island you must make your return swimming, through an emerald-colored pool between the sea and the stone walls.

You can take advantage of and combine this sport with a kayak tour to La Bufadora, the famous natural "chimney" formed between the edge of a cliff and a cave. This incredible tour has a cost of $ 700 pesos.

The best season to live this experience is during the summer thanks to the perfect sea temperature, but if you happen to go in winter, don't worry, the guides will lend you special neoprene suits.

Coasteering is new to Mexico, a year ago it began to develop in the warm waters of Ensenada, so it is a very good idea for you to know it.

You definitely do not need to be an expert to jump into the adventure found in this magnificent country, since you will not be alone because the incredible view of the landscape that surrounds you invites you to get out of your comfort zone.

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