Discover the best zip lines in Mexico

Max Balmori

Fly on the best zip lines in Mexico

Mexico is not only home to hundreds of Magical Towns, where you can lose yourself in its streets and enjoy its culture, it is also the perfect place to quench your adventurous spirit and fill you with adrenaline with all its adventure and ecotourism activities.

The most popular activity among tourists are the zip lines that exist throughout Mexico because it allows them to enjoy a ride in the heights and fill their eyes with the natural landscapes of this incredible territory.

If you already decided to come to Mexican lands, enjoy this activity. We share here the best zip lines in Mexico and where they are.

With sea view please

There is no doubt that Mexicans like to break records, one of them is having this attraction known as the largest in the world over the sea. This zip line is located in Acapulco, Guerrero. The distance is 1,800 meters (1,968 yards) of pure fun where you can appreciate an excellent view of the Bay of Puerto Marqués as well as all the nature that surrounds Acapulco.

The reason why it is the most popular is because of the variety of styles in which you can cross this zip line, it can be with your partner, lying in a hammock, or flying like a superhero.

Enjoy life in the Riviera Maya

If we talk about the best tourist destinations in Mexico, the first one on your list for sure is the Riviera Maya. This paradise has the most beautiful beaches and the most delicious gastronomy, but it is also the ideal destination to live the adventure in the heart of the jungle. Dare to fly on the different zip lines found in Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen.

In the things that you must pack, do not forget to carry a huge adventurous spirit, because there are nonstop emotions at the Riviera Maya.

A walk between waterfalls

In Tabasco you can live the exciting experience of sliding between waterfalls and forests. Find these fun zip lines in the Kolem-Jaa Ecotourism Park, near the Magical Town of Tapijulapa. They are 410 meters (448 yards)  long that allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of Tabasco. It has 11 platforms throughout the park for you to live an experience as extreme as it is exciting.

Don't miss the opportunity to fall in love with the land of Tabasco and its natural wonders.

Bigger than the Grand Canyon

In the Sierra Tarahumara, southwest of Chihuahua, you can find Barrancas del Cobre, an extension of mountains, larger than the Grand Canyon of Arizona in the United States.

This is one of the natural wonders of Mexico that you can enjoy on board a train, but for adrenaline lovers, you can ride this giant suspended on a zip line. Only those with a true adventurous heart can enjoy the experience of this Mexican attraction.

Rest assured that with these attractions, your trip will be such an exciting experience that you will want to return. Travel, know, enjoy, experiment, but above all, go with a willing heart.

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