Discover the archaeological sites of Cancun

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The magic of ancient cultures
Some of what makes Cancun beautiful are its magnificent beaches, and the thousands of tourists who come to know the culture and nature of the Mexican Caribbean.

Few know that Cancun also has incredible archaeological sites that can be visited and that hold the stories of ancient inhabitants. The devotion with which they composed their rituals and built their ruins was so magical, that you can still feel it while walking between its walls.

These are the experiences that we want to share with you, so that you enjoy your trip and be enriched with the best of Mexican culture. To know is to learn, to learn is to travel and to travel is to live, and this time you will have the opportunity to learn about the archaeological wonders of Cancun.

Royal structures
In 1909, English travelers visited these lands and found a structure that they compared to royalty and that later became known as the “El Rey” archaeological site.

Considered today as the largest pre-Columbian archaeological site, it is located in the hotel zone of Cancun, at kilometer 18 of the Kukulcán Boulevard.

In ancient times, it was used as a center where religious ceremonies and profane rites were held. Thanks to the work of contemporary archaeologists, it has still been possible to find vestiges of paintings and artifacts that were rescued to preserve the history of ancient cultures.

An ideal tour for a family trip, delve into this architectural wonder.

The greatness of the ancient people
A very pleasant walk is what awaits you if you visit the San Miguelito archaeological site. Fresh air, surrounded by a beautiful natural setting and a lot of cultural wealth, with elements that guarantee an unforgettable trip

San Miguelito is located two kilometers from the “El Rey” archaeological zone, seven kilometers from the Convention Center and three kilometers from Punta Nizuc. It is made up of four sets of structures, North Set, Chaak Palace, Dragon Set and South Set, each with a peculiar configuration, but with a specific purpose.

It is believed that in ancient times, the inhabitants of this place already shared a way of life organized by hierarchies, just like today, so maybe the reason why this place survived the passage of time, is to learn from its glories as well as their mistakes, so they are not repeated.

Enter the mystical temple
Right in the bay of Isla Mujeres, is the best preserved archaeological zone in Cancun. El Meco is the site with the most ancient structures, 14 in total were found along with a main temple.

At the time, buried pottery fragments of the ancient inhabitants were found, each one a piece of history on its own and curiously, they were found in a very specific place in the ruins.

As if it had been foreshadowed that in some distant time these remains would be found and preserved so that their culture would not perish entirely.

The sanctuary facing the sea
Boasting a breathtaking panoramic view, Yamil Lu’um boasts of being the most popular archaeological site for its unique history and visual spectacle.

Within the hotel zone of Cancun, perched on a rock at the highest point on the coast, Yamil Lu’um offers a magical experience to all who have the honor of entering its land.

It has two accesses available, one of them passing through one of the hotels and everyone's favorite: through the beach.

We recommend you enter the scorpion temple, so called because a structure in the shape of this animal was found on one of its walls, it it the center of many studies aimed to find out what the function of this sanctuary was.



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