Destinations in Mexico that you must know before 30

Alexia Arana

There is no right age to travel, but we know that with the passage of time, this activity tends to become difficult. There is no better way to enjoy our youth than by traveling. Next, we will show you the destinations in Mexico that you have to know before 30.
The destinations preferred by young travelers are those full of fun, party and culture. That is why we will recommend destinations where you can find a little of everything, but most importantly, where you will find adventure.

Turquoise waters, white sand, luxury shopping malls, Cancun is one of the most visited destinations in the country, and it is not for nothing, one of those with the best beaches.

In the Hotel Zone of Cancun, it extends through a whole boulevard, access to the various beaches, where you can find various activities to do. The most requested are between the speedboat and the catamaran ride, both of which end at the famous Nichupté Lagoon, and continue their journey towards the sea, where the structure of the Hotel Zone can be better appreciated.

But if what you want is to know more about the Caribbean Sea, there are also activities such as diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and many more. Be sure to visit the Gran Rueda, located in La Isla Cancun Shopping Village, which will let you appreciate Cancun from another angle.

Its gastronomic offer is very extensive and varied, it has different styles of international food, and of course, the most characteristic dishes of our country.

At night, the party continues. In the Hotel Zone of Cancun, the most important bars and clubs of the city are gathered, so you cannot leave Cancun without having enjoyed an international-style party.

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Los Cabos
The crystal clear waters of the Mar de Cortez are perfect to visit on your next vacation. A place that combines desert landscapes and beautiful beaches.
One of its strengths is fishing, in case your appetite is more to enjoy seafood, you are in the right place, its gastronomic offer will leave you with your mouth open. It has a very extensive menu in terms of the types of seafood it offers, from national dishes to international ones.

The adventure begins
One of the favorite activities is to discover Los Cabos from a yacht or catamaran, where you can enjoy the beautiful views that this destination offers. The tour is spectacular and you will end up wanting to do another.
One of the most impressive natural attractions of Los Cabos is the large part of the Sonora desert that is located not far from the city. In it you will embark on a journey with impressive streams and waterfalls, and the best thing is that the tour is done in a few ATVs.

Puerto Vallarta 
It is very popular among the people of Guadalajara for being considered an escape from their routine life in the state of Jalisco. Its famous Malecón cannot go unnoticed; it is the meeting point of the locals and one of the most emblematic places in Puerto Vallarta. In it, various sculptures and art samples are spread; also, it is the starting point for several of its beaches.
The most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta is Playa Los Muertos, legend has it that its name is due to the fact that previously  there was a cemetery of the indigenous tribes that previously inhabited the city a long time ago.
Being one of the most visited, you will find various activities to do, such as diving, parasailing; a favorite, snorkeling, and a variety of restaurants, where you can enjoy local dishes. Enjoy the view that the Muelle de los Muertos offers you, it has incredible views of the city, and at night an impressive visual spectacle is appreciated.

If you want to know more about the attractions of Puerto Vallarta, read our blog note: Sea, sun and Puerto Vallarta.

Just as there are beach destinations, we will also recommend our favorite destinations outside the sea. If what you are looking for are places to visit with a colder climate, the first on our list is the one and only, Mexico City.

Mexico City
Known for being one of the most important cities in the country, Mexico City is a destination that you should not miss. You can find everything here, being one of the oldest cities in the country, in it you will find an impressive fusion of cultures.
Its gastronomic offer is very accessible and you can find endless amounts of typical dishes, you should not leave without tasting them.

Capital of museums
The cultural offer is enormous; proof of this are the many museums in it, one of the most visited is the Soumaya Museum, and the museum that is located inside Palacio de las Bellas Artes.
The city also shows you what Mexico was like years ago, guarding and preserving places of historical importance, such as the Chapultepec Castle, and the newest, “Los Pinos” recently open for the public.

Valle de Bravo
Not far from the great city that is Mexico City, there is a dream destination, the Magical Town of Valle de Bravo.
From the moment you arrive, you will feel how a different air is breathed in each street, an air full of magic.
One of its most popular attractions is the Cerro de la Cruz, where you can feel a special connection with nature all the way uphill, and once up, you will know a Valle de Bravo from another perspective. And if you are one of those looking for adventure, you can go paragliding from the Cerro.

Nature tour
Continuing with the natural wonders of Valle de Bravo, the Cascada Velo de Novia, is one of those that you have to visit, accompanied by a large green forest, it is perfect for hiking, and in a short 10 minutes you will find the Cascada Rio del Molino, where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest, and even have a picnic.
Discover more of the Magical Towns of Mexico and know the 11 just added in our note: 11 new Magical Towns to fall in love with Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende
A city that keeps a unique architectural beauty. San Miguel Allende also keeps in each of its streets, a story to tell, its natural beauty is also present, with picturesque gardens. The perfect place to enjoy more of the green of nature is in the Botanical Garden 'El Charco del Ingenio', a garden with an area of more than 60 hectares, and endemic species of the place are exhibited.

Know its origins
If you are a lover of knowing more about the history of Mexico, you should not miss the opportunity to know Casa de Allende, which was the house of the man for whom this place receives its name, in it; important pieces of what happened during independence are protected.
If you want to take a look at the whole city, the San Miguel viewpoint offers you a spectacular view of every corner of the city, and you can better appreciate the famous Presa Allende.

Mexico is a country full of options for each type of traveler, we suggest beach destinations and cultural destinations, it is up to you to decide which one you would like to start your next adventure with.

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