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    Delve into the tourist attractions of Morelos

    Alexia Arana

    Known for being the richest in history and tradition, the State of Morelos is the ideal destination for the occasion. It is an attraction in Mexico does not need beaches to get your attention. Its picturesque streets, archaeological sites and its Magical Towns make it stand out on its own. Inside there are cities that enrich Mexican culture such as the city of Cuernavaca and Cuautla.

    An unforgettable trip is what awaits you in these lands, and if you still don't know what you can find, we share the most important attractions of Morelos, so that you want to visit this magical land.

    There are places where you stay, and places that stay in you

    If there is something that characterizes Mexico, it is its magnificent Magical Towns and Morelos has a very special pair. The first is Tepoztlán, a land blessed with a charm that enchants its visitors and takes their breath away. This place is guarded by a pyramid built in honor of the god of “pulque”, which is related to fertility and good harvests."

    The second, called Tlayacapan, is ten minutes from Oaxtepec, surrounded by several hills and where the chapels and architecture are its main tourist attraction. Places like these keep a lot of history in their walls, and all its mysteries will be revealed to those who decide to live the experience of walking through its streets.

    Enjoy ecotourism

    A special place where you can have contact with nature is in Cuernavaca, here you can find the “Parque Ecologico Chapultepec”, home to hundreds of trees over 250 years old, making it a true magical forest.

    Throughout its green areas, you can find very interesting exhibits such as the planetarium, butterfly garden, and a herpetarium. It is the ideal place for you to enjoy the tranquility of nature, since the Park has the noble purpose of teaching the value of nature and taking care of it to continue enjoying ecotourism.

    More than a lake

    Few are the places that have an exceptional climate at any time of the year, Lake “Tequesquitengo” is one of them, but be careful, as it seduces visitors with its many water activities that you can do, such as boating, diving, jet skiing and much more.

    If you are a lover of adrenaline, this visit is a must, because one of the main attractions of this lake is the bungee jump. A height of 60 meters to fully see the lake of “Tequesquitengo”.

    Traveling is the dressing of the soul

    Morelos has something better than the beaches, it has archaeological sites that are as old as the Mexican culture. Enrich your trip with the history of the origin of hundreds of civilizations.

    The most emblematic of the region are found in “Xochicalco” and “Teopanzolco”, places full of ruins and temples that once served as a place of prayer and mysticism.

    But one, the most impressive, the one that saw the birth of the famous feathered serpent Quetzalcóatl, is in Tepoztlán. Surrounded by convents, museums and pyramids, it keeps within its walls a mystical aura that we recommend you experience. Perhaps you are lucky enough to be blessed by Quetzalcóatl himself.

    Culture like this, you will not find anywhere else, we invite you to venture into these tourist attractions, after all you will know more about a path by traveling it than by what you have heard.

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