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    11 new Magical Towns to fall in love with Mexico

    Alexia Arana
    SECTUR (Secretary of Tourism) has designated new destinations as Magical Towns, adding 11 to its list, with a total of 132 more places to visit on your next vacation.

    Next, we will tell you briefly about them and where they are located: 

    Ajijic, Jalisco 
    It is located on the shores of "Lago de Chapala", one of the largest lakes in our country, ideal to visit if you are looking for a vacation to rest and relax with the natural attractions that this destination has to offer, from touring its boardwalk to enjoying of the views that the lake offers. 

    Isla Aguada, Campeche 
    Historically known for being an island used by pirates, one of its great attractions lies in the constant visit of 'bottlenose' dolphins, where, in the same habitat also live dogfish and manatees, so on your next visit you could see some of them. We recommend visiting the Island between March and October and don't forget to visit its incredible “Museo de Arqueología Subacuática” (Museum of Underwater Archeology). 

    Mexcaltitán, Nayarit 
    An island known for being the ‘Mexican Venice’, since in times of rain the streets are flooded and have to be traveled by boat, so if you want to live this great experience, schedule your visit in the rainy season. On the other hand, the island has great historical significance for the country, its name means 'House of the Mexicans', and it was part of the Aztec civilization, being the starting point of the search for Tenochtitlán; now known as Mexico City, let yourself be captivated by this destination full of history 

    Maní, Yucatán 
    Magical land that is located in the south of the state, is part of the famous 'Route of the Convents', a journey in which the most important chapels and churches of the region are known, undoubtedly a place full of history, this destination is home to a great cultural heritage that was built in colonial times. Also known for its incredible gastronomy, and offering the best 'Poc Chuc' in the state (thin-sliced, marinated and grilled pork), you can't leave “Maní” without having tried the star dish of Yucatán

    But if you are looking for a more aquatic destination in Yucatan, they also added "Sisal" to the list, known for having been the main seaport of the state during the 16th century, a place where, a few kilometers from the coast, there are sunken ships that are now part of the natural reef, it has beaches with white sand and mild waves, as well as activities where you can enjoy a leisurely kayak ride or explore the springs. 

    Paracho, Michoacán 
    Located in the heart of the Purépecha culture, Paracho is known worldwide as the capital of the guitar, among its festivities are international events, such as the International Guitar Fair and the International Guitar Festival, a destination full of musical history, perfect to visit on your next vacation in Mexico. 
    If you are looking for a place full of tradition, Santa Catarina Juquila, Oaxaca is the perfect place, known for being a religious destination, where thousands of pilgrims arrive every year to pay homage to the Immaculate Virgin of Juquila, a place framed by culture, where its streets are full of traditional architecture, influenced by the colonial era. 

    Tonatico, Estado de México 
    Known by its inhabitants as 'Place where the Sun is born', where its main natural attraction are the famous "Grutas de la Estrella", located within the "Cerro de la Estrella", which you can visit on foot or for the more adventurous travelers, there is the option of rappel it, or if you are looking for a quieter place, you can visit the Municipal Spa, with thermal waters perfect for a well-deserved rest. 

    Tetela de Ocampo, Puebla 
    Located on the top of a hill, offering its visitors spectacular views, highlighted by having been a participant in the Battle of May 5, 1862. A destination full of adventure, ideal for swimming in the crystalline pools of the "Cascadas de Aconco" Or if you like adrenaline, you can rappel down from them. 

    Zempoala, Hidalgo 
    A perfect getaway for lovers of “pulque”, it has large pulque haciendas that you can visit, where you can also find the famous dish, chicken in pulque, in addition, this community is also an important part of our Mexican history, this is where the Toltecs, Teotihuacans, and Chichimecas lived. 

    A place full of artisan culture, Santa María del Río, San Luis Potosí It is known for being the cradle of the "rebozo" (shawl), and for dedicating to the manufacture of these since pre-Hispanic times, a town where tranquility is breathed and is perfect for a vacation full of culture. 

    These are the new Magical Towns added in 2020, discover more of México and fall in love with its culture.
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