Visit to Salto de Toyahua and the nearby town

Nochistlán , Zacatecas

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Be full of wonder in the heart of the forest of Zacatecas Mountain Range.

Explore the lands around Nochistlan and discover the fantastic corners that tell stories of old towns that flourished around forests and rivers in the middle of the mountains. Walk through the territory of Toyahua and be surprised at the secrets that are kept here.


The first stop is Toyahua de Abajo, a small town that stands out among the green of huisaches and mesquites in the foothills of the hill. Visit the chapel of Virgen de Toyahua, a formidable temple built in 1778. Cross the legendary cemetery that, with hundreds of stone tombs, guards the historic building. Admire the beautiful facade of red quarry stone decorated with sober ornaments carved in the stone with classic baroque style and know the miraculous Virgin, who year after year receives hundreds of pilgrims.


A small Eden is waiting for you. Finish the tour in El Salto, the spectacular waterfall that falls from more than forty-five meters high and that fills a beautiful waterhole before running downstream. Walk on large gray stones flattened by erosion and follow the current. Stroll through the beautiful forest and be filled with the splendor of this hidden paradise.

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