Visit the vestiges of the old hydraulic system

Nochistlán , Zacatecas

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A wonderful gift from New Spain awaits you to the north of Nochistlán. Admire the impressive engineering sample that was built in the eighteenth century to bring water to the village.

Book this excursion for the end of the day as the stone arches are illuminated with the low rays of the sun that is hidden in the west creating a fantastic illusion.

The tour starts a few blocks before the town ends, in the neighborhood of Los Arcos, namesake of the aqueduct. Walk accompanied by the enormous masonry arches that carried the water for our ancestors. On the way, cross picturesque rock bridges built to give way to the stream and enjoy the wonderful show on beautiful wrought iron benches.

When you reach the Rotonda de Personajes Preclaros built in honor of local heroes, head to the other side of the town to find the monument to the Pila de Afuera. Know the last vestige of what was once an impressive engineering sample, today remembered with a beautiful pool of pink quarry stone surrounded by legends.

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