Visit the Manuel Caloca dam in Teúl

Teúl , Zacatecas

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Very close to Teul, Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town), a splendid water adventure awaits you.

Wake up before the sunrise and head southeast. Your destination is the Manuel Caloca Dam, better known as La Tecuata



Rent the proper equipment in the service area and get into the water. Feel how your muscles tense up each time you pull the paddle, going forward, helped by the soft current. Make sure to take occasional breaks from paddling to admire the spectacular beauty of the surrounding landscape; the sun will show up from behind the imposing forest covered hills and bath the valley with its light.


Go back to the pier and walk around the park located at the banks of the dam. Stroll along the boardwalk, visit the hanging bridge and dine at Casa Don Ramon, where a feast of juicy meats and fresh seafood awaits you. 

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