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Jerez , Zacatecas

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Treat yourself to an afternoon show in a beautiful historic building that awaits you in front of Miguel Hidalgo Garden in the city center. After enjoying a delicious meal, spend the rest of your day at the incredible Hinojosa Theater and experience dreamlike moments in this architectural jewel.

Try to arrive early so you can admire its magnificent facade of the Porfirian building. From above, beautiful windows overlook the street behind a wrought-iron balcony. Elegant reliefs decorate the white window moldings upon the vibrant yellow walls. At street level, semicircular arches guard the carved wooden doors at the entrance of the theater. In front of them hang metal lanterns that illuminate the entrance to a fantasy world.

Look at the billboard for available shows. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the magic of scenic arts in this unique venue The original Mozarabic structure, which held the Virgin's Sanctuary, provides incredible acoustics and resonance. Discover its particular characteristics and be amazed by the immense stone arches. In the center, a beautiful candelabrum illuminates hundreds of velvet chairs awaiting a lucky audience.


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