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Teúl , Zacatecas

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Hidden in the mountain chain in the southern part of the state, the beautiful town of Teul is home to true master artisans. Skilled craftsmen create fascinating objects made of local materials found in the rich lands surrounding the village. 


If you are looking to buy handicrafts, visit the Portales Cervantes Trinidad, located south of the Plaza de Arriba. Stroll through the market to find colorful wooden toys, embroidered backpacks, rebozos (a long flat garment used mostly by women in Mexico), regional mezcal and other marvelous goods.


Do not miss the incredible experience of visiting local workshops where you can witness the creation of beautiful objects inspired by years of tradition and talent.

The Don Aurelio mezcal factory is a mandatory stop. Take a tour of this fantastic distillery and learn the secrets of the family business while in the tour through its facilities. You will be encouraged to sample the different varieties of this tasty spirit in a rustic tavern and you will likely leave with a few bottles yourself. 

Ask the locals and find out about other workshops open to the public.

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