Pedro Coronel Museum

Zacatecas , Zacatecas

The museum Pedro Coronel, erected in honor of the renowned painter from Zacatecas, is housed in the former San Luis Gonzaga Jesuit College, built in the XVII century. Its collection exhibits roman, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, Mayan, Aztec and African pieces, in addition to Egyptian and Greek pottery of the sixteenth century B.C. Another section contains paintings by Picasso, Braque, Delacroix, Dalí, Léger, Vasarely and Miró.

The museum is housed in a wing of the convent of San Francisco, built in the XVII century, and offers long corridors flanked by arches and floral gardens. Its collection of masks sum about 3 thousand 700, making it the largest in the world. Other rooms contain puppets (old, terracotta pottery from colonial times and works of Diego Rivera.

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