Give yourself a shopping day in the beautiful streets of Jerez

Jerez , Zacatecas

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México desconocido

Go out and explore the beautiful streets of Jerez, filled with picturesque squares and cultural centers. The city is home to markets, shops, stalls and workshops offering beautiful regional handicrafts. Take advantage and bring home some authentic treasures, product of the alchemic encounter of cultures that has forged the history of this lands.

Discover the wealth of Zacatecas through the spectacular items created by talented artists using regional techniques and materials. Find beautiful gold and silver jewelry and buy yourself some traditional earrings made in Jerez. Admire the fantastic woodwork of skillful carpenters and be enchanted by the colorful pottery.
Visit famous workshops such as Nuñez Pottery, where master artisans produce spectacular clay flowerpots made of a special mixture of regional clays. Also visit Corral Saddle Shop, where you will find incredible leather items embroidered with pita fiber extracted from the maguey plant.


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