Get in touch with the stars in the Archeological place Alta Vista Chalchihuites

Sombrerete , Zacatecas

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Immerse yourself in the heritage of the ancient people hidden in the heart of the mountains.


Travel back in time and enjoy the stories of the ancient people that inhabited the area before the Spanish conquest. Visit the archaeological site of Alta Vista Chalchihuites and explore one of the most important ceremonial and astronomical centers in the northern region of Mesoamerica.

The site was built between the hills and mountains in order to facilitate the observation of the solar cycles. Marvel at the ancient structures that have survived its creators and that now reveal the secrets of its people.

Climb to the top of Cerro Chapin and discover striking engravings, what remains of the Chalchihuites, a culture that used a calendar very similar to the one found in Teotihuacan.


Finish your tour at the site’s museum where there are more than 320 pieces on display. These pieces help us understand the way of life of the ancient settlers of the region. Admire the exhibitions and enjoy the dynamic tour of the circular construction that houses it.

On the way out, be sure to visit the museum shop, which has handicrafts, souvenirs and archeology, anthropology and history books.


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