Discover the Hidden Secrets of San Matias Church

Pinos , Zacatecas

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Be amazed by the wonders kept in the viceregal beauty of Pinos, “Magical Town”.


Get ready for an exploration day at one of the most popular historical sites in Pinos. Go to its downtown south edge. Get in and find the dazzling treasures hidden in the magnificent Parish of San Matias, a jewel by itself.


The old stones that hold the temple will invite you to imagine yourself in the past, when two ancient cultures started blending together and giving birth to the magnificent wealth that reveals their past secrets.
Get excited about the awesome show that welcomes you. To the right, a robust tower shelters the belfry, to the left buttresses and walls still waiting to hold a roof that was never built.
Admire the exquisite colonial facade, adorned with splendid carvings of reddish stone, known as “Red Quarry Stones”. Explore the three naves of the church and marvel at the Baroque altarpiece, finely carved in wood covered with gold, keeping the style of the chapel.
Explore the old building and find fantastic animals and other mythological beings made of engraved stones.


The expedition ends at the museum housed in the basement of the parish. Explore its rich collection of sacred treasures, made up of paintings, sculptures and historical relics. Do not miss the Cristo del Corazon Flotante, the most famous piece of the exhibition, and discover the spectacular origin of its name.


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