Great Museum of the Mayan World

Mérida , Yucatán

If you've ever wondered how or why the Mayan culture ""disappeared"", how it was originated and why it is considered one of the most important civilizations of the ancient world, you will find your answers in the Great Museum of the Mayan World, a compound that has been added as one of the many attractions of the """"white Merida"". This museum features innovative proposals of interaction. You will be surprised by the reconstruction of the daily life of four people taken from their osseous remains; the recorded voices of several archaeologists will narrate their experiences in the rescue of the Maya cultural richness or will explain some terms in their profession. Here is where the collection of the former Regional Museum of Yucatan, or Canton Palace is safeguarded, comprised of approximately 800 Mayan archaeological pieces. You'll be able to go even further back in time to learn about the impact of the meteorite Chichxulub, 65 million years ago, which defined the natural surroundings of the Mayan culture. More information in Great Museum of the Mayan World

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