A fort to pray in Valladolid

Valladolid , Yucatán

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The Convent of San Bernardino stands with its majestic architectural style as one of the most popular attractions in Valladolid. 


Upon arrival, note that the convent is both a fort and a church, since it was built between 1552 and 1560 to evangelize the Mayans and to be able to fight back.
Admire the decoration including pink walls, the baroque style arches and the frescoes, recently recovered despite having been severely damaged along with the rest of the convent during the war of the castes. Stop in front of the small image of the Virgin, one of the few pieces of the convent which did not suffer major damage caused by the attacks.


Go northeastern the convent to explore the small museum where you will find some pieces rescued from a cenote located in the surroundings of the convent. This is as a sample of how the times since the first Mayan settlements have changed some centuries after the conquest.


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