Walk downtown Orizaba

Orizaba , Veracruz

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The majestic Magic Town of Orizaba, also called The City of Cheerful Waters is an incredible valley that is in the central region of the High Mountains. Its mild and humid climate will give you a pleasant welcome.

Enjoy the beauty of its buildings and monuments, get on one of the tour buses that take you around the city and listen to the history of every corner of the city. Learn about the majestic churches, buildings and ancient palaces that adorn its streets.
Stop in front of the current neoclassical City Hall that shelters the mural titled Reconstruction or Social Revolution, made by Jose Clemente Orozco. Be moved by the realism with which the artist shaped the struggle that peasants underwent during the Mexican Revolution.

Walk to the Palacio de Hierro, an Art Nouveau building that has been a silent witness of the passage of time. Let the building that was once the City Hall reveals its secrets.


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