Visit the artisan cigar workshops of Veracruz

Coscomatepec de Bravo , Veracruz

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The cigar workshops date back to a time when it was fashionable to smoke them. Back then, taxes on the tobacco trade were higher than those for cigars, so those in Coscomatepec chose to craft and sell the latter. 

Learn the three essential elements of a cigar: burning, aroma and flavor. There are many cigar workshops to discover around downtown Coscomatepec. The workshops are housed within the owners’ family homes, and are open to the public. 

Though the tobacco trade is no longer the same today, the artisan tradition has been preserved. Watch carefully as the tobacco leaf is sprinkled with aguardiente (schnapps) and vanilla, then laid to dry for a full day. Watch the method used to twist cigars, and marvel when you realize that no mold or press is used to craft them.


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