The flavors of Xico

Xico , Veracruz

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This town is known for its warm, calm and hospitable people, as well as its delicious food. It is told that the town must be known from the stomach to the sky.

Go to one of the local restaurants or cafes to enjoy a traditional cherry coffee, produced in an artisanal way: feel how the hot vapor invades your table with aromas. On the side, try a delicious tamal canario (sweet tamal) or a piece of Xiqueño bread.

If you walk along the main street, you will meet many artisans that prepare and sell this famous mole. It is so well known, you can find the local recipes at supermarkets around the country. 

In the afternoon, visit a local restaurant and enjoy the original recipe created by Mrs. Carolina Suarez. Her mole is prepared with more than 21 ingredients which gives a special twist to the traditionally sweet flavor, famous both nationwide and internationally. Eat it with some handmade tortillas and you will experience an unforgettable meal.  

Try the traditional dishes such as stuffed chipotles in caldillo or beef tongue with almonds. Pair a dessert with the famous regional toritos; the cocktail is made with peanut and milk to which green or blackberry liquor is added. 

You can also try a choco tamal, which is wrapped in a leaf of the same name. This local plant has a unique aroma that gives the filling a very peculiar flavor. 

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