Voladores de Papantla: Reach the Sky With the Bird-Men

Papantla , Veracruz

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The legend says that Voladores de Papantla ritual started long time ago, when a group of old wise men entrusted some young people to find and to cut the biggest tree of the woods that they could find, in order to be used for their sacred ritual to reach heaven. 


Get impressed by the accuracy of Voladores de Papantla; their technique, their courage and daring. Join their devotion ritual, pay attention to their consistent movements and their bodies abstraction as they climb up to move around the air.  Be fascinated by the beauty of the bird-men's customs, feels the scent of vanilla scattering around the place. Be amazed  at the sights of them dancing with the sun and turning one with the sky. Summon the four directions of the universe with them and follow the rhythm of the caporal who directs the cadence of the dance with his flute and his drum.


Feel the tension of the muscles of the dancers as they jump into the void and in each acrobatics that tightens their waist supported by a rope that remembers the ties that unite the men with the sky.
Watch the flying men descend from a more than twenty meters height while invoking the rain that fertilizes the earth. Feel the energy circle they have created open up and touch the floor with them. She applauds for one of them to bend his legs and touch his feet with his hands to thank you for your gesture.


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