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Ana Conde

Veracruz, little corner where the sea waves nest. Veracruz, little corner of our country that knows how to suffer and sing”, is part of a lyric wrote by Agustin Lara some time ago, telling about the lands where he was born. This famous Mexican singer-songwriter has the museum La Casita Blanca,  where the artist was born.


Agustin Lara’s house, which listened to his creations, is now a beautiful museum featuring several of Lara’s personal objects, as well as a number of photographs where he appears with famous stars of his time and those who most influenced his career. The old house also serves as a gallery and is often used by artists wishing to exhibit their work in one of its beautiful showrooms.


Make sure to visit the City Museum. It is a lovely building painted in warm colors with a central patio with a traditional fountain in the middle and several large corridors where you will get to know the history of one of the country’s most important ports.

Go to the Interactive Naval Museum which is located on a ship called the Cañonero Guanajuato C-07. The imposing iron vessel, which survived the World War II, now an interesting cultural precinct,  with different areas featuring information about life at sea. Retired officers will serve as your tour guides and will tell you stories about how they served their country.


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